"First Class Inspector" Trophy Guide

    FULL Collectible Guide The Order 1886, First Class Inspector [PS4]


    Here is the complete guide that will help you find all the collectibles of The Order 1886.

    "First Class Inspector" Trophy Guide

    In The Order 1886, there are 77 collectibles to collect scattered throughout the game's 16 levels. These are: cylinders for phonographs, newspapers, photographs, documents and objects that can be inspected. In this and in the other guides dedicated to collectibles we do NOT deal with the objects that are collected automatically because they are part of the story, in order to avoid unnecessary spoilers.

    Please note that phonograph cylinders are NOT included in the collectables required for the first class Inspector Trophy, therefore:

    Archivist - Collect all cylinders for phonograph (cylinder guide for phonograph, 16 pieces)
    Press review - Inspect all newspapers (newspaper guide, 10 pieces)
    dark room - Inspect all photographs and documents (photo and document guide, 27 pieces)
    Spirit of observation - Inspect all objects (object guide to inspect, 24 pieces)
    First-class inspector - Find all objects that can be inspected (includes all those just listed except cylinders)

    In each of the guides linked above you will find both a video showing the position of only one type of collectible in particular (e.g. all cylinders), but also a series of videos, divided by chapter, showing ALL the collectibles of each chapter, you choose which one to follow.

    The guides are very detailed, if you have to collect all the collectibles then choose one at random and follow it because in each one the position of the other collectibles is also reported. If, on the other hand, you are missing only a few, unfortunately I have bad news for you: in The Order 1886 there is no statistic that shows which collectibles you have already collected and which ones you are missing (in this case only the cylinders that can be controlled by the archive are an exception. ).

    So if you finished the game and didn't get the "First Class Inspector" trophy, I suggest you read the collectibles list in all the guides linked above and try to remember which one you skipped. The alternative is to replay all the chapters and use the same list to start them all over again.

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