Fortnite Season 6: Primal officially begins, the final event of Zero Crisis

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Here comes the Fortnite Season 6 with the event Zero Crisis which is preparing to put an end to Season 5 ea prepare players for the new update. The zero point is increasingly unstable: this is what the Epic Games team communicated that officially launches the final event of Season 5 starting today March 16. Through its Twitter profile of the game, the software house has released the brand new trailer for Primal, which promises to be highly spectacular, condensing all the news of recent times, including characters from the universe of Alien and Terminator. So you just have to download the update and join the fray: Primal is finally here, and it will test even veteran players of the franchise.

Everything has come down to this. Agent Jones is putting a stop to it.

Play through the Zero Crisis Finale in-game now. #FortnitePrimal

- Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 16, 2021

Everything leads to this moment. Agent Jones is about to put an end to it. Play the Zero Crisis Finale from now on.

The cover image of this new trailer shows us the agent from behind, facing an island plunged into chaos. Jones then prepares for the fight, wearing what remains of the glove of Batman (a strong reference to the upcoming arrival of Batman and other superheroes on Fortnite) and some accessories of Ryu, the wrestler of Street Fighter who appears to have given Jonesy his sash and right glove. After having catapulted into battle, the agent is immediately confronted with some Alien, but is promptly rescued by Sarah Connor before being attacked again directly by some Terminators. At this point the battle becomes epic, and we see the appearance of many characters introduced during the last season, such as Predator e Kratos, but also Ryu from Street Fighter, Master Chief from the saga of Halo, until one last surprise at the end of the trailer.

The words at the end of the short teaser give us only one recommendation: Run wild. And given the hellish battle situation in which we will find ourselves fighting, we just have to download the update and follow the wise advice if we want to have any chance of survival in this new Season.

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