Fortnite: the new Flash skin is coming soon

    Fortnite: the new Flash skin is coming soon

    A game of the likes of Fortnite, capable of attracting millions and millions of gamers for so many years, it certainly cannot live on modalities, communities or anything else alone. Often, here is the title Epic he has always been able to have his say - additional content and collaborations with other varied companies or other things really decree a lot for a product. Fortnite, with its unlikely amount of additions, it is certainly among the first. Who plays the very famous Battle Royale he will surely know that the characters of the most famous superheroes have long since landed in the game world. Next to be included in this long list will be Flash.

    The new skin based on the famous comic book character DC in fact it will arrive soon. Unfortunately it is not yet clear when the final day will be, but certain sources suggest the arrival in a few weeks. In order to unlock the new flaming red skin dedicated to the DC Comics hero, just participate in the tournament that will be called Flash Cup. It will be a Duo tournament that will start next 10 February and that will give all the best players who qualify in the Top Duo in each region this new supersonic skin redeemable within the Item Shop.

    If we were to unbalance on a possible date, many users have approached the imminent release of the film Justice League in its Snyder Cut version on March 18, as a plausible release date for the skin. It is not the first time that the speed hero created by the pen of Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert makes his presence within Fortnite. A few months, albeit for a limited period, it had already been implemented within the game. With the new skin revealed a little while ago, however, we know that Flash will be back again, and this time forever. Stay tuned to our pages to find out when and how it will be possible to obtain it.


    Coming soon: The Flash Cup & outfit! #Fortnite

    - Fortnite News (@FortniteBR) February 8, 2021

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