Gamescom 2020: announced the official dates of the event in digital

The first information has been released regarding the long-awaited digital event Gamescom 2020: the largest world event of video games and computers this year will not be able to take place physically due to the global emergency currently underway, however it will be added to the list of events that will be presented digitally, which is constantly updated and expands day after day. From the 27 30 to August there will be many new shows, we will see a vastly innovative Gamescom that will bring new content for all the recent insights and news, including the extensive digital program for game developers and other professional visitors, as well as much more.

Gamescom will be there this year first reference source for all world premieres, news, games and events. The diverse spectrum of the video game world will be shown in all its variety within the central portal, with several dedicated sections such as content creator, eSports, cosplay, indie e merchandising. Of course, you won't need to buy a ticket this time, as the main goal is to get as many fans as possible to see it.

Il Gamescom: Opening Night will be held in the company of Geoff keighley, this is one of the largest shows dedicated to the videogame field in the world and will mark the start of the entire Gamescom 2020 starting from August 27th. In addition to this, other formats such as the Gamescom: Awesome Indies. In this latest surprising show, we will be able to hear all the announcements and important news on the most anticipated indie titles. The Gamescom: Daily Show, which will talk about and expand on the highlights of its formats, as well as the shows and promotions from gaming companies and partners on a daily basis. Within the Gamescom studio, the best developers will be interviewed and will provide information on the latest projects in development. This year's event will end with the Gamescom: Best of Show August 30: This new format will close it all with a summary of the highlights.

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