Genshin Impact: leaks anticipate Eula's mission

Il date minig has always been an unmissable source of resources for discovering not only cut content of any genre, but also look ahead to future updates or events currently scheduled for a specific video game. This has happened in the last few days to the popular free to play Genshin impact, which suffered a leak in which the mission of the unprecedented is discovered character called Eula.

Aphros Delos Chapter 1: The sketches will never return to sea

A long time ago, there was a noble crown forged in Mondstadt from the blood and tears of the common people. Due to the west wind, the chains holding the crown broke causing it to fall into the nearby river, causing only tiny splashes. Time may have healed the wounds of an old era, but the scars may still be visible. Where, where will those sketches ever go?

The Genshin Impact leak was discovered in beta of version 1.5 of the product, which in addition to the first chapter of Eula's history also anticipates the description of the Zhongli's second mission. To tell the truth, this last information has already been leaked some time ago thanks to a stolen voice clip of a certain boss battle not yet announced.

Hisotiria Antiqua chapter 2

A curious case has come to light thanks to the latest mission of the Liyue Adventurers Guild. Missing miners, confusing clues… Even Zhogli, who enjoyed city life in peace, was involved in this investigation. What will ever be the truth behind the mystery of the missing miners?

In addition to information from Eula and Zhogli, the following Genshin Impact leak also confirms the addition of a new object named Dream Solvent, which has the goal of transmuting i talent materials in any other kind of material. Unfortunately, at the moment we don't know what the release date is both of the new character and for all the rest of the new contents planned for Genshin Impact, but we await official information from the talented Chinese software house myHoYo. In case you are curious to find out our opinion on the work in question, we remind you our review published in October 2020.


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