Grim Dawn - Review

    Grim Dawn - Review

    Grim Dawn is a game born on Kickstarter, therefore, consequently it could boast of having a strong slice of users interested in the game: after all, they paid for a product that does not yet exist! The collection campaign pulled out a budget of $ 600000,00, certainly not a heavenly number for the production of a game with those assumptions: however, let's trust Crate Entertainment and take on the role of the new heroes who will face evil in this Action RpG Hack'N'Slash. Here's our review, which also includes the Crucible DLC!

    Grim Dawn - Review

    History that rotates

    The game doesn't have an amazing lore: two factions are at war, Aether and Chthonians, both of whom are disinclined to the life of the human race. One of the two factions wants control of the human race, the other aims at the destruction of the same. Our heroes will have to immerse themselves in an adventure in which the choices they make will have a heavy impact on the game world. Favoring a faction will bring to have help on our side, we could unlock missions in which we will save characters who will give us unique items, vice versa favoring the other could lead to the decline of our fame towards the other and not only: in the game we will be sent against more and more enemies powerful, as if they were heralds of the enemy faction. Finding out the details of the story is essential to understand the choices we will decide to make: to do this, you will need a little patience in reading the books, letters and inscriptions present in the game. Choosing to do a quest or not, choose to fight a boss or another will weigh on the story. In a way, each run will allow you to choose your own story.

    Grim Dawn - ReviewHybrid Heroes

    As we know, Create Entertainment was born from the union of various creative groups of Thq, a company that brought to light Titan Quest a respectable title: this is no exception. In terms of gameplay, our character can really do anything: regardless of the six classes available including the classic Warrior and Wizard to be clear, once you reach level ten it will be possible to choose a second class. This choice opens up really interesting scenarios if you consider that we could lean towards a hybrid character, therefore perhaps a solid warrior capable of casting devastating curses, or a very powerful wizard who does not disdain the use of a two-handed sword. The multiple choices if you think that we could enhance both the single skill and the specialization in general, spending our points in the profession rather than in the single skill. If during these tests on the character, we realize that we have made a mistake, the game allows, by paying a fair amount of money, the respec of all the skills. Devotion will be one of the cornerstones of your character: you will unlock points every time you find a sanctuary, you can spend them to choose the constellation you prefer, going to draw from it new sets of skills that will modify your spells and skillset.

    Grim Dawn - ReviewBiodiversity Of A World

    In the game world we will have a map to explore far and wide: this is probably one of the flaws of the game. The missions are varied and understanding where a goal is is really frustrating at times. You will often find yourself wandering around here and there without knowing where to go, if the mission has been resolved or not and this involves going back from one portal to the other bumping to look for this or that NPC with the question mark in his head. At the level of monsters, the game performs well: skeletons, zombies, spiders and strange monsters of all kinds, some more cared for than others, in general they almost never represent a problem, except for minibosses: these will be more satisfying to deal with, stronger in general health and strength as well as a decent skillset. Defeating a miniboss or a boss will obviously lead to a better loot than normal enemies: we could find rare, epic or legendary weapons by defeating enemies of higher power. Managing the inventory is important: between potions, weapons and consumables it will not be easy and even here we will be forced to return often to the city to sell, identify or modify our loot.


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