GTA 4: a fan-mod implements graphics improvements and Ray Tracing

    GTA 4: a fan-mod implements graphics improvements and Ray Tracing

    After 12 years from the official launch of GTA 4 and after the success of GTA 5, a group of modders called Digital Dreams got his hands on the original fourth chapter, implementing within it the captivating lighting technique that is the Ray Tracing. Thanks to this tool it is possible to simulate the plays of shadows and light effects in real time, obtaining an effect already projected on the next generation of videogames, which however entails exorbitant demands in terms of computing power.

    Several mods were also used for transform game textures in 4K, while the polygonal models and the shadows have been refined in order to obtain a higher quality, coming directly from the fifth chapter. It seems that the mod used by Digital Dreams on GTA 4 is Awesomekills Graphics, which since January 2020 has been released and made downloadable to all in the final version. We still don't know if, following the release of GTA 6, Rockstar Games will decide to propose an official remake of the old GTA 4, but the result obtained is already amazing in itself.

    It must be said, however, that a clear technical improvement like this brings both negative and positive aspects. The compromise for an amazing graphics sector sees on the other side of the scale consistent pop-up issues, as the models require significantly longer times to be managed in real time. It should be considered that in order to take full advantage of this version it is necessary to have a fairly powerful PC, which includes a NVIDIA 100 series video card capable of fully managing Ray Tracing.

    We attach the work obtained by the modders at the top of the article, where you can notice the main pop-up problems with shadows and reflections. After the remake of GTA 4 we just have to wait for the release of the sixth episode; how many memories would come to mind after 12 years from the debut of this title?

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