Guide / Walkthrough Boss Martyr Logarius

    Bloodborne: Guide to Beat the Martyr Logarius [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]

    Guide / Walkthrough Boss Martyr Logarius


    Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: the last hour has come for the Martyr Logarius.

    Guide / Walkthrough Boss Martyr Logarius

    This is the twelfth boss in the game and can be reached from the top of the ruined Cainhurst Castle (if you have trouble finding this place follow the guide to find the ancient ruined Cainhurst Castle). Once at the top you will have to go down using the walls and platforms to find the boss.

    This opponent is very agile and boasts a great variety of defensive and offensive attacks. DO NOT use R2 attacks against him as he is very likely to respond by casting the powerful skull spell. It is best to use only quick attacks and dodge his attacks to the best of your ability, taking advantage of the health recovery system with counter attacks.

    When you see that your health is so low that it could take you out with a single shot, then move to the other end of the roof and hide behind one of the structures to heal yourself.

    At the beginning of the battle it is better to attack with quick blows when he throws the small red skulls above him, often he will not be able to hit you. When he is at about half his health he will switch to physical sword attacks. You will have to dodge them sideways because rolling backwards will hit you anyway, so try to surprise him from behind where you can land other quick attacks.

    I close the guide with some videos that show several good strategies for killing this boss. Remember to check out the Bloodborne cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game and the guide to beating all the Bloodborne BOSS if you are having trouble with some other bad guy. Good luck!

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