Halo Infinite: possible release date unveiled on the Amazon portal?

Since it was first shown to the general public, Halo Infinite certainly did not have a good time. From the very first criticisms received for a decidedly not avant-garde technical sector (Microsoft he then stated that the build shown was simply old) to the postponement of several months which did nothing but validate the negative thoughts that hovered around the game, the future of Master Chief has definitely not started on the right foot. After all, we are talking about the largest flagship title of the Redmond house as well as the most loved and important saga of the entire Xbox division. Despite this, the public has received the message that Halo Infinite has been postponed to allow you to better refine the game and then be launched without any kind of problem or graphic error. But when will the expected title come out?

On the famous Amazon e-commerce portal, as you can see from the image below, a new image about the book titled The Art of Halo Infinite, which is a collection of elements including weapons, landscapes, vehicles and much more that represent a bit of the development of the game. This new work will be released on June 29, 2021. Although this product does not have much to share with the original game, many think that the release date may coincide with the work developed by 343 Industries. The reliability of Amazon's dates are certainly among the most certain on the web, but this does not mean that the connection between these two products must necessarily coincide. For example, The World of Cyberpunk 2077 artbook was released on July 28, while the title has a completely different date. All this to corroborate the equation that not necessarily two products of the same brand are linked together through a release date.

As of today, what we know about the future of Halo Infinite is that it will be released in 2021 on all major consoles: Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. With the launch of the console now near, we believe that the news of the announcement of the release date may be closer than ever, satisfying in a sense the whole community that will choose to buy one of the two new consoles of the Xbox family.

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