Halo Infinite: The AI ​​will use the game world to defeat us

    Halo Infinite: The AI ​​will use the game world to defeat us

    During an interview with VideoGamesChronicle, the lead designer of 343 Industries, Jerry Hook, has revealed some of the mechanics that we will see in the new Halo Infinite. One in particular, while it may seem funny, is something it can change the way the player will approach combat. What are we referring to? At the launch of the Grunts. The Brutes can literally throw small enemies at the player, causing panic or forcing him out of cover. During the interview the developer said:

    The thing you never see the Brutes do is take a smaller enemy (like the Grunts) and throw it at the player. Can an Elite do it? No! But a Brutus certainly could.

    Still in the same interview, the designer explained that the new feature was designed to improve artificial intelligence enemies, and to make them more efficient the way they will try to track down and eliminate the player.

    The launch of the Grunts is one of the key elements where it is possible to see the progress made from the point of view of artificial intelligence. In fact, they'll start using the sandbox world against the player, just as they used to take cover behind shields and various covers, which was something as important as it was beautiful within the Halo experience. Now, we wanted to allow enemies to understand the world around them and where they are, giving them the ability to use anything. So, don't be surprised if they will also use the weapons we leave lying around.

    Also, it looks like that 343 Industries is proud of the work done on AI, because Hook wanted to make things clear to everyone via a Twitter tweet:

    You will see a lot more of the AI ​​interacting with the sandbox then ever before. Glad you loved it. I still get a kick out of it… incoming

    - jerry hook (@hookscourt) July 24, 2020

    You will see a lot more in regards to AI and interaction with the sandbox world. I hope you enjoy.

    In short, in case you did not like the gameplay trailer (graphically), know that the developers have worked hard to make Halo Infinite a worthy experience of the historic Xbox series.

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