Hitman Absolution - How to Unlock Silent Assassin

Hitman Absolution - How to Unlock Silent Assassin


In Hitman Absolution the evaluation of silent killer it is very difficult to obtain, because it takes very little to be discovered. So be very careful where you go to what you do.

How to get the Silent Assassin rating

This rating can only be viewed at the end of a level.
The first mission useful to try to unlock the result is mission 2 (unfortunately it is not possible to do this in the prologue).
To the right of the target area is an area with chefs selling food.
Find the cook with the red apron (a woman), behind her you will find a strange dish with poisonous fish.
After he turns his back on you, grab him undetected.
Now go north where there are 2 cooks and a police guard, turn right, sneak in and there you should find a disguise next to the garbage.
Walk to the central area where the target was a few moments before, poison the coffee and leave the area on foot.
After a few moments the guy will sip the drink and die, giving you the chance to finish the level.
You will also receive the "Undetected" and "Oops!" if you haven't already got it.

This video shows the whole process. Good luck

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