How to unlock all Sleeping Dogs costumes

Sleeping Dogs - Guide to find all costumes and clothes


In Sleeping Dogs a fair amount of costumes and dresses of various types for the game character to wear, but some of them must first be found and unearthed.

How to unlock all Sleeping Dogs costumes

This video guide shows you where to find on the map and unlock all clothes in Sleeping Dogs.

In the video you will see both the clothes from the 4 martial arts schools

  • Tony Jaa
  • Bruce Lee (Fist of Fury)
  • Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle)
  • Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx)

plus the costumes

  • Game of Death
  • Fulltime killer
  • Mr. Black Reservoir Dogs

while to unlock Rico's costume you just need to have a save of the game that has Rico as its protagonist, or Just Cause 2, as already explained in a previous guide.

Once unlocked, you will find the costumes in Wei's wardrobe. To you the video

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