How to unlock weapon camos in The Division

    The Division: Guide to Unlock Weapon Camouflage [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    How to unlock weapon camos in The Division


    Are you looking for ways to get the very rare The Division weapon camos? Follow this guide to find out how to unlock and / or buy new skins easily.

    How to unlock weapon camos in The Division

    As in most RPGs, customization also plays an important role in The Division in offering the player the ability to create a character. Even in the latest Ubisoft production, players are able to modify almost everything related to their virtual hero, from equipment to weapons, up to objects of a purely aesthetic nature.

    Weapon colors, however, are a type of customization that has proven to be a much rarer commodity in the full version of the game than seen in the beta.

    If you too are then eating your head for find the camouflage of the weapons, you must know that these are only obtained as random drop from killed enemies, helping civilians in distress or in crates scattered around the city, but so far the odds of this happening have been very low.

    Fortunately, players can get easy access to weapon camos simply by unlocking the "Supply Line" update from the Security Wing of the base of operations. This will unlock a new vendor towards the back of the room, that sells clothing and always at least one weapon camouflage. Here is a video showing which Base of Operations upgrade to unlock and where this particular vendor is located:

    It is worth noting that this vendor, like others around the game, updates its inventory every 24 hours, so if you don't find anything particularly interesting, be sure to check back the next day for new options.

    We close the guide by reminding you that it is possible to get the particular "Urban Snow Camo" skin by spending 20 points in the Ubisoft Club (ex Uplay). Remember to also consult The Division cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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