Japan Studio: Sony is slowly closing the software house?

    Japan Studio: Sony is slowly closing the software house?

    Strange things are happening inside the software house Japan Studio. After a few hours from State of Play, the event Sony PlayStation in which numerous products will be shown and unveiled and more, it would seem that the internal development house of the Japanese company is about to close. According to a report drawn up by a foreign newspaper, almost all the internal staff of the software house are being fired. The only team left, namely the Asobi team (the developers of Astro's Playroom), it would appear to be still standing

    Always the note tested, it would seem to have received several communications from as many sources who have stated how, the beloved developer at the head of the studio, has let go of almost all the internal staff because of the expiration of the contract. The developers in question, hired with annual contracts, have apparently not received good news regarding a possible extension or permanent hiring. Only the Asobi Team, which remained almost completely unchanged, will continue to exist and work mostly as a solo studio within Japan Studio. Location and corporate personnel are also reportedly expected to remain. Some of the employees will be absorbed into the Asobi Team, while for all the others there will be nothing to do. Among these we point out the important producer of Bloodborne and well three key figures which, all together, they formed a brand new studio: Bokeh Game Studio.

    The reason behind all this "maneuver" would seem to be very simple and obvious. The studio would be closing due to low revenues in recent years, obviously also due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The intent of the software house was to focus on products almost exclusively designed for the Japanese market, which a Sony it didn't go down at all. The company would logically have preferred a much larger scale production of jobs. Other rumors say the fate of the software house was already marked some time ago, when Allan Becker left the company.

    BREAKING: Report Claims Sony Is Slowly Shutting Down Japan Studio, With Only Team Asobi Set To Remainhttps: //t.co/bvLxmebVTB#JapanStudio #TeamAsobi # PS5 # PS4 #PSVR #News #Report pic.twitter.com/18xCStVRkC

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