Kingdom Hearts: the creator suggests the arrival of a port on Switch

Switch versions of classic Kingdom Hearts they may soon come up Nintendo Switch, as suggested by a recent interview with the creator of the series Tetsuya Nomura. This is sure to amplify fan enthusiasm for the upcoming Switch release of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. As we all know, the series in question is famous for its shocking narrative that spans all types of media. This is partly due to the way the games were originally released, however players are often required to own multiple consoles to keep up with history - for example, although several spin-offs have been released for Nintendo consoles, the The first two main installments of the series were exclusive to PlayStation. Square Enix solved this situation by releasing anthological collections for consoles PlayStation e Xbox, but those never made it to Nintendo consoles.

Nomura's latest comments come through an interview in the latest issue of Nintendo Dream, a Japanese magazine. Nomura says it may soon have good news for Nintendo Switch owners regarding Kingdom Hearts content. This could indicate that the anthology collections of the series could arrive on Switch, or that the new content will arrive on the same platform. Sure, Nomura denied more Kingdom Hearts games for Switch in September, but plans can definitely change as the franchise evolves.

By means of the elimination process, fans may be able to deduce an upcoming porting of old games. At first, Nomura was almost certainly not fooling Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix would have called a port of Kingdom Hearts 3 impossible given its demanding graphics. For another, Nomura may have wanted to deny bringing any future series games to Switch in his September interview. This means the only big chance left is to bring old games to the Switch, which should be able to run them efficiently. Switch owners will likely be very excited about the ability to play the series on Switch. Given that Kingdom Hearts 3 received a warm critical reception in 2019, newcomers may be curious to see what it is all about. In relation to this, you may be interested in our article dedicated to new chapters coming of the saga!

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