Knight Squad 2, review: the return of the medieval party game

After the considerable success of the first chapter, Chainsawesome Games brings to PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Knight Squad 2. The medieval-themed party game has expanded from the good of the first game, but will it have been able to solve the problems of the previous title? Let's find out together in ours review.

To the fight

Knight Squad 2, review: the return of the medieval party game
Knight Squad 2: Alla fight!

Knight Squad 2 is, in all respects, Knight Squad. This is what fans of the first chapter will immediately notice. Chainsawesome Games has staked everything on modify the original structure as little as possible and simply expand the amount of content available and update the graphics.

We will be able to play locally, either alone against bots or against a series of friends, or online. Just like in the first chapter, each mode requires eight players. Many modes can be played in different formats, that is, in a free-for-all, in pairs or in two teams of four players. The strength of Knight Squad 2 is certainly the amount of modes available, each of which features various maps that change the cards on the table.

Knight Squad 2, review: the return of the medieval party game
Knigh Squad 2: Rubagraal

Knight Squad 2 offers some familiar modes, plus some interesting new features. We will have available Rubagraal, which asks us to get the well-known mythological cup and bring it back to our base to earn points. There is also a similar mode, but only for teams, rubabandiera. The Soccer, with its huge ball. We then Gladiator, which requires staying as long as possible within a designated area, eliminating opponents and trying not to be destroyed in turn.

A modality is also inevitable Royal Battle, which gives us only one life and asks us to win a certain number of rounds while remaining the last knight standing. Come back then Mastodon, a mode where there is a huge submachine gun that gives us great power and allows us to easily get points, but at the same time makes us the target of all seven other players. Knight Squad 2 then also proposes Domination, classic mode in which we have to walk over points on the map to conquer them and get points over time.

Knight Squad 2, review: the return of the medieval party game
Knight Squad 2: Calcio

Continue with Race to the crystals, where two teams face off trying to destroy the three opposing crystals, while trying to defend their own. Soul catcher he asks us to eliminate the enemies to get their souls, to be transported to our base to get points: if we are eliminated before putting the souls in our pockets, they are stolen from us. Raceinstead, he proposes us a path and asks us to get there first: killing an opponent allows you to get a speed bonus, so it is difficult to stay in first position. Servants of the master allows us to create a minion every time we eliminate the opponents: the minions must then be freed and they will attack the enemy castle.

It does not end here, because there is then Explosive load: a cart on a track to be pushed towards the enemy area. Finally, we have Painter, a sort of Splatoon in which we have to color the ground to get more points: creating a closed outline allows us to capture all the internal squares, so every movement must be carefully calibrated! The list of modes is therefore remarkable and all of them work quite well, especially because have various maps, which change the cards on the table. You can also set various modifiers to customize the experience.

Let's not forget also that Knight Squad 2, like the first chapter, makes us available multiple weapons with which to battle our opponents. The simplest to find are the power sword or the bow, but there are also wands that fire electric homing shots, fireballs that create fiery death areas, rocket launchers, boomerangs (more lethal than you think), war horses , laser guns, and even lifesaving shields and movement speed upgrades.

Intense but chaotic

Knight Squad 2, review: the return of the medieval party game
Knight Squad 2

While it is a very fast party game (usually three minutes, but you can also decrease it if you want blitz games), Knight Squad 2 manages to create very intense and eventful clashes. The original mix still works and the new content does nothing but enhance the fun and variety.

The real problem of Knight Squad 2 is that together with the merits it brings with it from the first chapter also the defects, above all an all too confusing structure. The review was done with the Nintendo Switch version of the game and we played in both handheld and TV version. While using a 50-inch screen at a distance that we don't want to share with our eye doctor, we often struggled to understand what was happening on the screen during the piles of enemies. The overhead view pays the price for the size of the maps: the characters are small and the visual effects of the attacks sometimes cover up the action. If you are looking for a chaotic party game, it will not be a problem, if you are super competitive and want a title in which to become a champion, you might be annoyed.

That said, Knight Squad 2 is a fun game locally and online too, if you have a chance to play with a friend on headphones. There is no need for complex strategies, but in team or duo modes a little coordination can certainly help. In the end, the developers have superbly refreshed the visual side of the title. While maintaining the same original style, the game is a little more three-dimensional and pleasing to the eye.



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Knight Squad 2 is basically Knight Squad Version 2,0. Starting with the solid foundation of the first game, the developers have created many new modes and variations to make the game even bigger and more fun. If you are a fan of the first chapter you will find everything you liked. Unfortunately you will also find some original defects, above all a visual presentation yes refreshed but always chaotic to the point of making it difficult to understand what happens. Playing with friends is always fun, and that will be enough for most potential buyers.


  • Many new ways
  • With friends it's fun
  • It risks being too confusing
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