LEGO Batman 3 Gotham and Beyond - Trophy List [PS4 - PS3]

LEGO Batman 3 Gotham and Beyond - Trophy List [PS4 - PS3]



Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 of LEGO Batman: Gotham and Beyond

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Look for trouble, in the sewers

Complete Level 1 - Seek Troubles, in the Sewers


Complete Level 2 - Batcave

Let's go to space!

Complete Level 3 - Go To Space!

Haunted space station

Complete Level 4 - Haunted Space Station

The Great Fight

Complete Level 5 - The Great Fight

The Lantern Menace

Complete Level 6 - The Lantern Menace

Against Europe

Complete Level 7 - Against Europe

Big trouble in Gotham City

Complete Level 8 - Gotham City Big Trouble

The power of love

Complete Level 9 - The Power of Love

A blue hope

Complete Level 10 - A Blue Hope

Nok prison

Complete Level 11 - Nok's Prison

All the anger

Complete Level 12 - All the Anger

Need and greed

Complete Level 13 - Need and Greed

Qward-what a mess

Complete Level 14 - Qward - what a mess

Break the ice

Complete Level 15 - Ice Breaker

Same bat-hour same bat-channel

Complete Bonus Level - Same Bat Hour, Same Bat Channel!

True Hero

Achieve `` True Hero '' status on any level

A supernatural resemblance

Play as Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)

Bane and beyond

Turn Bane into Bane (under Venom)

Beings from the fifth dimension

Set free game characters like Bat-Myth and Mr. Mxyzptlk

Donut Discoverer

Find and destroy a hidden donut on a hub planet

Everyone likes to jump around

Hop 50 times on elastic objects

Traveling heroes

Set free play characters such as Green Arrow and Green Lantern

Beware, intruders!

Play as the Riddler in the Batcave's Trophy Room

Space Race of the Loonterna

Complete one of the hub races as Green Loonterna

Nok Nok!

Knock out your mate on planet Nok

New crime queens

Set free play characters like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

Unbelievable stuff!

Find and destroy a hidden enigmatic trophy

Small step for the (Bat) man

Visit the moon base in the hub


Turn Billy Batson into Shazam!

Super friends

Set free play characters like Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Super 4-legged friends

Set free play characters such as Ace and Krypto

Suspended time

Glide for 10 consecutive seconds

Hey Diddle Diddle

Find a band of jumping cows on the moon.

Mirror mirror ...

Create a custom character

The green room

Find the hidden VIP party

That's all, dear viewers

Complete 100% of the game and find the LEGO Token Fountain

Big step for (Bat) humanity

Visit all the lantern planets of the hub

The bright knight

Play as Adam West

Under the red brick

Light up all the extra red bricks at the same time

The best in the world

Collect all Trophies

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