Lego Hobbit - Guide to unlock all characters

Lego Hobbit - Guide to unlock all characters


First of all I want to show you the fun trailer for Lego: Hobbit which shows the main characters of the game in action:

Now you also want to know how to unlock them? It won't be easy to find them all, here are some tips.

In total there are 98 characters. Of these 43 are obtained by continuing to play and completing the 16 levels of the story and the related missions, the others must be unlocked and purchased in the various activities of the game. Keep in mind that for some characters the time of day you are in is important, some can only be unlocked during the day while others only at night (the guide to advance the time and change the time of day may therefore be useful) .

Once you have unlocked a character you will have to spend the required amount of tokens to add it to your collection, but know that different characters can also be unlocked by entering the relative cheat code. This will save you a lot of money, read the guide with the tricks to unlock the characters for more help.

You can have all the others by touring the game world even in free mode. When you have access to the Map Stones of the area you are in, everything will be simpler as the position of the characters to be unlocked will be highlighted on the map with an icon.

We close with a video showing where to find all the characters that do not automatically unlock during the game.

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