Lego the Lord of the Rings - How to 100% Complete the Game

Lego the Lord of the Rings - How to 100% Complete the Game


If you are a Sunday morning player (or a Saturday afternoon player, do vobis) I reluctantly tell you: you can also skip this guide. Complete 100% Lego Lord of the Rings it is a company that requires passion, commitment and above all a lot of time. In this guide we see everything that needs to be done to completely finish the game and unlock the Achievement and Trophy Round trip - Reach 100%, refrain wasters.

Below we list all the actions that you need to take to get 100% completion of Lego the Lord of the Rings, with links to our guides that will be useful for you to do so.

  • "Authentic Adventurer" rank on all levels
  • All Minikits found in each level
  • All drawings / blueprints of the Mithril objects found
  • All quests completed
  • All Red Bricks unlocked and bought
  • All characters bought
  • All statues on the Map activated
  • All Mithril Bricks found
  • All Mithril Items constructed
  • Secret bonus level completed
  • Custom character created in Frodo / Bilbo's house in Hobbiton, Bag End

what a nice shopping list ehhh !!! I had warned you, refrain wasters !!!

But don't worry, we have a guide for just about everything. Now you just have to click on the following link to access the Lego the Lord of the Rings tricks and guides tab where you will find everything: the guide to all collectibles (miniki, drawings, Mithril objects, etc) the guide to Red Bricks, at the bonus level secret, to the characters, to the statues of the map and to the whole cucuzzaro. Good luck, my Frauds !!!

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