Little Nightmare is free for PC on the Bandai Namco store

Bandai Namco a few hours ago he decided to make Little Nightmare available to all players, the first and terrifying adventure of Six. Pending the arrival of Little Nightmare 2 on February 11th, the software house will allow you to download the first chapter for free PC, after including it in Games With Gold this January. Unfortunately, the large amount of users who are trying to redeem the game is slowing down the store, so in case you are unable to access it immediately we suggest you try again after a few minutes.

Confront the fears of your childhood in this dark and bizarre tale, set in an immersive world of strong sensitivity, with interactive storytelling and exceptional sound design. Uncover the dirty secrets of the Maw and survive the monstrous inhabitants as you help Six escape to the outside world. Explore a haunting and fascinating dollhouse, a place that is both a prison and a playground. Peek inside the world of Six, partly a dream, partly a nightmare, where every step is like a leap, and every shadow an immense darkness! Start at the bottom of the Hull and find a way to get to the top.

To proceed with the free download, interested users must log into the Bandai Namco store. From here, reaching the card dedicated to the production of Tarsier Studios, you can add the Little Nightmares Standard Edition to your cart and proceed with the purchase without any kind of expense. This will give you a key to use on Steam, to redeem the game for free on the Valve platform.

At the moment, no details seem to be available regarding the period during which the offer will remain active: the advice is therefore to take advantage of it as soon as possible. An excellent opportunity to discover the origin of Six's adventure and to better prepare for the arrival of the second chapter.

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