Metro Exodus - Mutant Guide

    Metro Exodus - Mutant Guide

    In the post apocalyptic Russia of the brand new game Metro Exodus, because of the radiation everything is transformed, from the landscape to the enemies to face. You will be dealing with mutant beings with a decidedly creepy appearance and very aggressive. Fortunately, there will be versatile weapons at your disposal, as we have already described in the previous guide, but if you know the enemy in advance you can defend yourself even better. Below we will show you the name of the monster, its appearance, its main characteristics, and where to meet it. For more information on the title, we refer you to our weapons guide.

    Metro Exodus - Mutant Guide

    Demon: he is a huge mutant with wings, perhaps the most dangerous, has no hair on his body, has protruding bones and veins, and has large sharp teeth; it is able to grab you and throw you down from a high height; winter, near underground tunnels and tunnels of the Volga.

    Guardian: it has four legs with webbed toes, little body hair, an eerie grin similar to a sinister smile; it moves in a pack that attacks the target compactly and can also summon reinforcements; winter, near underground tunnels and tunnels of the Volga.

    Shrimp: it is a huge crustacean protected by armor; it hits with its paws or spits out corrosive poison; autumn, near the water.

    Humanimal: it is a person damaged by radiation and very aggressive; it moves in large groups together with which it attacks the target and throws objects; spring.

    Lookout: being on all fours, veins and muscles are visible on the body; it moves in a pack and together they attack the prey and then hides, when it has little health it flees to their hiding places; summer.

    Wolf: he is a wolf in all respects, always hungry and predatory; it moves in pack with which it attacks the enemy; spring.

    Mutant Bear: it is a very powerful bear, it attacks and destroys everything; summer.

    Nosalis: neckless mutant, covered in places by hair; it moves quickly over large spaces; it hides in underground structures and dilapidated buildings.

    Spider: big big and armored, he is afraid of the light and tends to hide underground. He lives in underground structures and dilapidated buildings.

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