Minecraft Dungeons - Complete guide to all Artifacts

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Other than the essential weapons and armor, the inventory of the protagonist of Minecraft Dungeons it is also enriched by the presence of Artifacts. Let's talk about a feature devised by Mojang Studios to make the experience deeper, providing more variables to a combat system in this way decidedly richer. Artifacts are useful objects that improve with the passing of levels, and which in exchange for a recharge time, as well as often various costs, allow you to bring powerful effects with you and often able to save the player from death. However, sometimes it is necessary to collect the various souls, but let's see together what are all the artifacts present in Minecraft Dungeons, how they work specifically, and their charging times.

  • Speed ​​Boost - Slight increase in speed (5 seconds)
  • Corrupted Ray - Powerful beam that damages monsters with souls
  • Mushroom of Death - Greatly increases attack and movement speed (30 seconds)
  • Firework Arrows - Add firework into quiver, explode on impact (30 seconds)
  • Fishing pole - Attracts and stuns the nearest enemy (5 seconds)
  • Fiery Quiver - Grants 7 fiery arrows (7 seconds)
  • Phantom Cloak - Grants ghost form, which allows you to move through monsters and absorb damage (6 seconds)
  • Golem Kit - Create a helper Iron Golem (30 seconds)
  • Mower - Releases the souls and detonates them
  • Iron Skin Amulet - Large temporary defense improvement (25 seconds)
  • Light Feather - Allows you to Roll in the air, stunning enemies (3 seconds)
  • Wand of Lightning - Use souls to summon a lightning bolt that deals damage
  • Medallion of Love - Transform up to 3 monsters into allies, which disappear after 10 seconds (30 seconds)
  • Shock powder - Stuns nearby enemies (15 seconds)
  • Soul Care - Heal the most injured ally or yourself with souls
  • Tasty Bone - Summon a wolf to help in battle (30 seconds)
  • Quiver of Torment - Provides arrows that pierce walls and repel enemies in exchange for souls
  • Totem of Regeneration - Create a circular healing area (25 seconds)
  • Totem of the Shield - Create a shield from nearby bullets (20 seconds)
  • Horn of the Wind - Repels and slows enemies (10 seconds)
  • Magnificent Grain - Summons a help llama in battle (30 seconds)

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