Modes and other unlockables

    The Evil Within Difficulty, Game Modes and Unlockables Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

    Modes and other unlockables


    Let's shed some light on the various unlockables of The Evil Within.

    Modes and other unlockables

    In The Evil Within there are 4 different game difficulties: Inexperienced, Survival, Nightmare and Akumu.

    Playing the first game on Inexperienced difficulty (the lowest) will only unlock Nightmare difficulty, while playing on Survival difficulty will also unlock Akumu mode.

    After completing the game for the first time, you can replay by starting one New Game + which can be played at the same difficulty (or lower) as the game just completed. In the new game + you will take with you what was unlocked in the first game (weapons, items and upgrades) and many statistics (such as kills) will be kept. In the new game + you will also have a rocket launcher available from the start.

    Akumu difficulty is the hardest in the game, enemies will be faster and you will die with one shot instantly. It is not possible to play this difficulty in New Game +, so you will be starting with a character from scratch. Fortunatamenet, checkpoints and save points are the same with respect to the other difficulties.

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