Ninja is back on Twitch with a surprise live on Fortnite

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As you will remember the famous streamer Ninja, who became famous thanks to his live performances by Fortnite, had moved permanently from Twitch a mixer. To have the streamer exclusively on the newborn platform of Microsoft products, the colossus of Redmond had offered the girl over 50 million dollars, at least according to some rumors. Despite this incredible purchase, however, Mixer failed to establish itself on direct competitors and consequently Microsoft decided to officially close the platform on 22 July 2020. Subsequently, Ninja had made it official his passage on Youtube after leaving the platform mixer.

Now, surprisingly, Ninja is also back on the platform that launched it, namely Twitch. The live in question, which you can find on Ninja Twitch channel, saw the famous streamer in the company of his colleague and friend Dr. Lupo. During streaming, peaks of 100.000 spectators, impressive numbers given the long absence of the streamer from the platform. The live in question was dedicated in particular to the recent update of the title of Epic Games, update that has seen the addition of waits cars.

Now the question everyone is asking is: Ninja will return permanently to the purple platform? This question, at least for the moment, will not have an answer. During the live, in fact, the streamer was studded with questions regarding his possible return on Twitch, but the boy was very vague about it:

For the moment I'm busy with one thing, though not quite.

What will then be the future of Tyler "Ninja" Blavins? We just have to wait for more news about it.

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