Nioh 2 - Complete guide to all bosses to defeat

Nioh 2 - Complete guide to all bosses to defeat

On the day of February 13, 2020 the exclusive PlayStation 4 Nioh 2 has finally made its debut, after the 3 years that separate it from the first episode. The Team Ninja, developer of both works, has brought in the second chapter several new mechanics designed to make the adventure extremely more complex and challenging, but certainly full of content - as pointed out in our review. Just think that Nioh 2 currently features a total of 64 bosses to defeat, certainly a rather remarkable one. In order to help you in your campaign, we have analyzed every single boss fight, and below are all the tactics for dealing with each fight. It may take a short time and you will manage not to lose your head, but remember that your skill pad in hand will always be necessary to be able to win. We recommend that you pay attention to any spoilers, as all Nioh 2 Bosses are listed below.

General advice

To have an easier life it is good to get hold of the greatest number of Kodama possible, which will allow you to have one more exile to heal you, which will guarantee you a smaller number of deaths against the bosses and in the path to reach them. We have explained all the details on the Kodama present in Nioh 2 in the following guide, also showing you all their locations in the various continents present.

Completing the game using all weapons and armor, or combinations of your choice, is certainly possible. However, when it comes to bosses, some pointers are particularly recommended. In order to be able to deal with most of the clashes it is necessary to quickly learn all the combos of the opponents at the end of the level, carefully memorizing them given the technicality of the combat system. Once this is done, running away from the bosses you will notice that after completing a combo - and missing you - they will almost always have seconds of weakness, where it is possible to hit them. In this case, attacks from behind are certainly more effective, as the damage is doubled.

Using a spear, the weapon that has the greatest range of shots, can therefore be quite convenient. Light armor can be perfect for applying this tactic by consuming less Ki and a defensive Guardian Spirit can compensate for the lower defense and prevent combos that kill you too quickly. Needless to say, summoning another player is the easiest choice, as this player will be useful and will leave the game once he is dead.

# 1 Mezuki

The Village of Cursed Flowers - Level 1

The first boss with whom you will make the unpleasant acquaintance is Mezuki, and it will be possible to interface already in the very first mission. An abnormally large human horse, equipped with a terrifying ax - his primary weapon. The boss can make several long-range offensive attacks, but luckily these are quite slow and easily dodged, just like frontal charges. In case you get too close to his body he will have the opportunity to kick you back, and when you are far away he will throw ghost skulls that will chase you, dispersing in a few seconds, which will make them easy to dodge since it will be enough to run around a bit.

In order to unleash the greatest number of attacks in peace, it is necessary to reset his stamina, indicated by the purple bar, in such a way as to be able to injure him while he is helpless and will not be able to defend himself in any way. By memorizing his move set, however, you will realize how after his bladed combos a clear breach is created on time, and how easy it is to go behind Mezuki. At the sight of a red aura you will have to interrupt the move with a Yokai counterattack, by pressing the L2 + Circle keys. This way you can stun him for a few seconds and significantly decrease his stamina. By destroying its first bar, the demon will take you to the dark realm, inflicting all the necessary penalties on you and further enhancing.

# 2 Enenra

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames - Level 10

The boss Enenra it can be defeated more easily by sitting in the adjacent Thermal Waters, which will grant increased heals and stats for a short period of time. To defeat Enenra it is optimal to run continuously on the left side, in order to dodge her attacks and be thrown behind her when it comes time to respond, possibly with heavy blows. It is good to pay attention to the explosives, which if dodged correctly will explode without inflicting damage to the player. Its most dangerous attack is the tornado, which will be signaled by the red light: it is essential to counter it with the R2 + Circle combination, as it will be rather difficult to avoid or block it. If possible, it is good to have Enenra bang against the columns that make up the room, so that pockets of water fall on him and significantly damage him.

# 3 Gozuki

A Voice in the Twilight - Level 20

After a series of enemies to defeat in this side mission, Gozuki will present himself in dazzling form. It is a revisited version of Mezuki, as it shows itself with a rather similar move set, while being extremely easier to defeat. Following the same advice related to Gozuki the battle will be quite easy, but in this case it will be good to pay more attention to positioning yourself behind him, given his extremely reduced health.

# 4 Yatsu-no-Kami

The Sanctuary of the Viper - Level 24

Yatsu-no-Kami it is a truly creepy giant snake, thankfully rather slow given its size. Often the boss will make his two arms disappear, which will pop out of the ground in order to damage the player. Once you enter the Dark Kingdom, the Yatsu-no-Kami becomes extremely more complex, as it triples to create additional obstacles, which must be knocked down as soon as possible to continue the battle with relative tranquility. Although they are predictable, the combos should be studied more than ever, since it is good to fully learn the entire move set to be able to successfully dodge it. It might also be worth bringing some antidote to poison!

# 5 Imagawa Yoshimoto

The Dark Monsters of Okehazama - Level 35

The first human boss in the game is fortunately also one of the easiest, as they get the better of Imagawa Yoshimoto it will ultimately be child's play. The general uses very predictable abilities, while possessing a full roster of weapons consisting of: a spear, two katanas and a bow, which is equipped with electric arrows. Particular care must be taken with regard to its Guardian Spirit, a decidedly faster and more dangerous elephant, to be circumvented quickly whenever it appears. As soon as Imagawa Yoshimoto carries out an unsuccessful combo, the boss visibly exposes himself and can receive only one heavy attack of course, which will take the fight to length due to his amount of life.

# 6 Imagawa Yoshimoto

Fanatic Imagawa - Level 35

A new round for Imagawa Yoshimoto, which will be defeated again, and will look exactly like the previous Nioh 2 stage just faced.

# 7 Kamaitachi

The Castle in a Night - Level 43

A giant dark cat that will return several times over the course of Nioh 2, but will be particularly difficult in the first of these. The Kamaitachi it can generate dangerous gusts of wind and climb into the surrounding area. Whenever this happens, be prepared to block because it will always throw a bullet. Climbing the trees, he can also light up red and launch his attack: in this case, just walk to the left to dodge the blow.

The strong point of the Kamaitachi is the quick and hard to dodge combos, as well as its tail with a large radius, which will have to be blocked as it is very difficult to dodge. Thankfully though, the boss doesn't deal massive damage, and with a slowdown talisman he can be quickly defeated. Once you enter the dark realm however, the enemy will become extremely more powerful and being hit by a single cut will result in a full offensive combo. The tactic lies in the hit and run, as prolonged combos are impractical with such speed.

# 8 Tsukahara Bokuden

DOJO Mission The Way of the Warrior - Level 59

Tsukahara Bokuden he's a very simple human boss who can't run and attack at the same time. It is important to keep making combos until his Ki runs out, repeatedly breaking his guard. We report that the samurai has trouble defending himself from spears.

# 9 Saito Yoshitatsu

The Empty Fortress - Level 33

Saito Yoshitatsu he is a human boss who can transform into the 3 types of guardian found in Nioh 2. In his human form he is easy to defeat if brought into a corner by dint of blows, but he will have to dodge quickly when his hand emits a white haze. In the battle he transforms twice into a Guardian Spirit: in the electric form he can still be interrupted, in the fire form he becomes vulnerable after missing the combo, while in the distance one it shows all its potential and it is better to wait a minute to do so that ends. Its Yokai form, obtained once the stamina is finished, can create difficulties given the speed of the attacks, but this is fortunately canceled by a few hits.

# 10 Hachisuka Koroku

The wise judgment of the metamorph - Level 57

Hachisuka Koroku it will be faced together with Shibata, in case he is recruited at the beginning of the secondary mission. The ally cannot be killed, since it is possible to revive it indefinitely, and the clash is therefore configured as rather simple, also considering the nearby Thermal Waters.

# 11 Shibata Katsuie

The wise judgment of the metamorph - Level 57

If you recruit Hachisuka you will face instead Shibata Katsuie. The same rules apply: the ally can be revived countless times and the nearby Thermal Waters are certainly a good plus to exploit.

# 12 Tatarimokke

One Way Out - Level 59

Il Tatarimokke is a giant owl, which can be easily defeated by running continuously on the left side. Massive damage can be dealt to it after it takes flight, and it uses a series of attacks in a predetermined sequence - dodging by running left - and then becomes vulnerable to easy hits. A red sphere will bring the Dark Realm to reality, which can be easily surpassed by waiting a minute or so, or by destroying the aforementioned sphere, in case you want to risk it due to its considerable health.

# 13 The Obsidian Samurai

A Formal Occasion - Level 64

A new human boss, the Obsidian Samurai, which will be easily bypassed by continuously running in the right direction. As usual, after an unsuccessful combo the enemy is exposed to attacks, even if for a very short time. With only one shot at a time, however, it will be possible to bring home victory. His Guardian Spirit is able to charge and run sideways, and care must be taken to dodge it.

# 14 Magara Naotaka

Corps of Ice - Level 65

After a few fairly easy bosses, here's a real tough nut to crack: Magara Naotaka. He is the boss with the most life points within Nioh 2, and as a result the individual hits will take forever to take him out. Its combos are extremely dangerous and risk killing you with one shot if you use light armor, but luckily they are easy to avoid: just always run left!

The light armor is in this case really useful, as mentioned in the opening phase, and in dodging the combos you will find several obvious spots in which Magara Naotaka is exposed, especially in the case in which running you manage to get around it and take it from behind. No combo too long though, to bring home the match it is good to use all the patience in your possession, just a couple of shots at a time. Using the Thermal Waters located before the boss you will have more chances to get over it, due to the increased statistics, but keep an eye on the 3 enemies located in correspondence with them.

# 15 Honda Tadakatsu

The horns of the dragonfly - Level 71

A deja vu? It seems not, because Honda Tadakatsu has already participated in Nioh, to return with great fanfare within Nioh 2. He uses the electric element, thanks to his spear and his Guardian Spirit, but by continuing to run you can easily dodge his attacks, which will lead to his own continued vulnerability after every failed combo - pretty much like all human bosses within Nioh 2.

# 16 Azai Nagamasa

Caged Bird - Level 71

Azai Nagamasa is a human boss related to a main mission of the game, and although the recommended level may be high, it can be defeated with relative ease. Like all human bosses, it can in fact be easily hit after making a combo, in the event that this is not successful, but counterattacks are also not to be excluded. The boss deals very little damage, and hits can be blocked if you hold a good amount of Ki, so it can be worth the full risk.

# 17 Onryoki

The Golden Nation - Level 74

The second that came directly from the first chapter of Nioh is Onryoki, this time a yokai. In the first game he is defeated in the very early stages of the game, but in Nioh 2 the boss in question is quite tenacious, due to his spiked balls that he uses to hit the player, inflicting massive damage. After each rotation a single blow can be delivered, and it is therefore better to be at his balls. When using his hands it is possible to be more daring, with more extended combos than the single hit, but this boss has the ability to turn around quickly and it will be good to stay on guard.

# 18 Saito Yoshitatsu

Point of no return - Level 74

A boss that is already easy to start returns in a more simplified version. Let's talk about the second meeting related to Saito Yoshitatsu, already detailed in # 9 of the guide. In this case, we advise you to use the slope adjacent to the yellow crystals, since if you knock yourself down several times the boss can be easily damaged, as soon as he is helpless in midair.

# 19 Oda Nobunaga

The Demon King's Blade - Level 74

Oda Nobunaga he is one of the simplest bosses in the game, as once he gets to the corner he will become completely helpless. We advise you to use a spear and its dedicated stun skill, which will make it completely unable to resist.

# 20 Magara Naotaka and Revenant 

The Brothers' Blades - Level 69

After several small fish here is the return of an already difficult boss from the start, who in this case presents himself in one of the most difficult battles of the entire Nioh 2 campaign. Magara Naotaka, which this time is accompanied by an equally dangerous Revenant, enemy that is best left alone to focus on the main boss. Use the same tactic, trying to hit him as soon as he hits the ground violently and fires a large bullet. Just move a little to avoid them and you can scratch it, with several shots to be evaluated based on how close the Revenant is to the actual. It is worth noting that once in the dark realm the boss increases his explosive power, making dodging more difficult.

To be able to get the better of it in this case you will have to take a look at the Revenant too, trying to go around as much as possible. To kill the latter, once you have defeated Magara Naotaka, you will need to wait for his charge to hit him, and attack after attack you will ensure his death. It is good to dodge all charged attacks to the right.

# 21 Saika Magoichi

Overflowing Waters - Level 75

A newcomer from the first chapter of Nioh, Saika Magoichi, who this time does not fight in a burning chamber within a main mission. The boss can fly with ease, but the numerous columns in the environment can certainly be a godsend. Whenever the boss takes flight it is good to wait for him to fire three bullets, and then return to the ground making himself vulnerable. Better not to come out of the closet given its possibility of throwing bombs and darts, which although they can be blocked are certainly a problem, fortunately controlled by the pillars. At some point, however, Saika Magoichi will use fireballs, able to hit you despite the use of the pillars. This will force you to run in circles, going to corners to avoid them.

# 22 Gyuki

Overflowing Waters - Level 75

A hideous giant spider, more than ever, which goes by the name of Gyuiki. Fortunately not as strong and resistant, as well as quite slow. To defeat it, it is good to position yourself under its belly to hit it, moving as soon as the monster is projected into the sky. Going to his face will risk huge damage, but as long as you find yourself below his torso you will not have major problems.

# 23 Tsukahara Bokuden 

DOJO Mission The Way of the Warrior - Level 88

The very simple boss treated in point # 8 and present in the dojo returns: Tsukahara Bokuden. We remind you that it is enough to hit it while it loads to kill it in no time, given its low life points.

# 24 Gozuki and Mezuki

Refined Underworld Man - Level 79

After defeating a Gaki and an Enki you will find yourself in front of a Mezuki, boss already explained in the guide at point # 1, which once almost defeated will be accompanied by his fellow man Mezuki, of which you can find the explanation in point # 3. It is a paradoxically easier battle, especially if you have already become familiar with the two previous bosses by defeating them, if not for the moment in which you have both in front of you and you will have to end the life of the first.

# 25 Kasha

Fire and Flames - Level 80

Nioh 2 is certainly not an uncomplicated game, but once you get to this point it ends up being downright hell. We are dealing with Kasha, a fiery boss who fights in a fiery arena leaving fiery trails from his wheels, and is undoubtedly the toughest opponent among those encountered so far. Forget about running in a direction and using stairways as bugs, defeating Kasha is certainly not easy, but let's go step by step.

The enemy mainly uses area attacks, with the element of fire as an unshakable constant. Starting to burn is extremely dangerous, as well as an inevitable death sentence in the long run: it goes without saying that fire talismans are your best friends. Whenever the enemy charges at you, you should dodge to the right, then chase it and hit it with a long series of blows. By breaking the yellow crystals attached to its wheels you can inflict more damage. When her red aura charges up instead, being careful of the fire, it will be an excellent opportunity to catch her off guard - in case Kasha misses the attack - with two or three shots. His Dark Kingdom will summon a wheel to chase you and annoying little creatures, but it won't be extremely problematic, at least compared to its standard form.

# 26 Ryomen Sukuna

Sunset on Mount Tenno - Level 85

Halfway between elements of fire and water, Ryomen Sukuna he is a giant and menacing Yokai, but fortunately not extremely difficult to defeat given his slowness. It is essential to counterattack his empowered attack, in order to be able to inflict an excellent amount of damage. Additionally, his physical attacks can be easily dodged to attack him from behind after he misses a combo, but attention to aerial elements is essential.

# 27 Saika Magoichi

The third word - Level 88

The flying boss returns Saika Magoichi, already detailed in point # 21. However, this time it will be impossible to use the pillars to defend yourself, as opposed to a rock positioned on the left side of the battlefield and essential. This can be used to parry all attacks a bit, before charging off when Saika Magaichi returns to the ground.

# 28 Maeda Toshiie

Dawn of Ruin - Level 88

A mid-level human boss, armed with a spear and extremely fast in all his movements Maeda Toshiie. To be able to defeat him, it is good to move in circles to the left, which will make him miss several combos compared to the right side, exposing him to different attacks, even if the victory is certainly not guaranteed, but rather complex. His Guardian Spirit is not particularly dangerous, and is easier to avoid than Maeda Toshiie's own attacks.

# 29 Shibata Katsuie

Dawn of Ruin - Level 88

One of the toughest bosses in Nioh 2, Shibata Katsuie, who will try to skewer you with his horns for the entire fight, not allowing you to run away and forcing you to dodge. You can inflict damage to the Yokai, possibly behind him, after the move indicated by the white mist that must be dodged on one of the two sides, the charge to be dodged at the last second, and the red aura, which will be counterattacked three times. Sometimes it is possible that a hit will be sporadically added to his combos, so it is good not to run out of life and try to predict when this will happen.

# 30 Enenra

Okuni's Quest - Level 90

With the return of Enenra it is good to apply the same strategy as in step # 2, but this time you will find yourself facing it in two on one. It will be enough for you to resurrect the ally as much as possible, also because given the gigantic amount of life that Enenra has, being able to defeat him alone will be exhausting in the long run. Also, the advice is to kill the second enemy in the room before the main boss.

# 31 Tokichiro

The Two Faces of Hospitality - Level 91

With the right skill of the branch related to spears you can defeat Tokichiro with maximum ease by putting him in the corner, but this is not required, even if the clash will become worrying. You will need to carry some talismans against electricity and memorize its almost impregnable move set, as once electrified you will be practically defeated. Pay particular attention to the inflammation of its blade and the lightning discharges that are left on the ground.

# 32 Hattori Hanzo

The Demon Hanzo - Level 100 

To access this dojo mission you will need to have 180.000 right points with the spear. Your opponent will be Hattori Hanzo, a spear master who will grant you access to the mystical arts of the spear. To defeat him you will have to hit him as he comes towards you, as he will be defenseless, then back off and recover the Ki. Remember that you only have 3 elixirs, and death is therefore not that easy to prevent.

# 33 Hachisuka Koroku

The Euphoric Demon - Level 95

After addressing Hachisuka Koroku in case you have chosen Shibata Katsuie, you will find yourself facing him again. However, the boss is much stronger and with a new move set, this time it is also a 1vs1. While it doesn't deal an extreme amount of damage, you will have few opportunities to hit it, and only after avoiding several hits. When he leaps into the air and throws his weapon each time by dragging you towards him, you can dodge to the side to get behind him and hit him. Pay particular attention to when he drags you into the Dark Realm, as he will become extremely more aggressive.

# 34 Daidara Bocchi

The Euphoric Demon - Level 95

The biggest boss you've ever seen, a giant yokai named after Daidara Bocchi. How to defeat him? Destroying the yellow crystals on his hands, without calculating the rest, as destroying the aforementioned gems will visibly decrease his Ki bar. Once this is exhausted you will need to get on his arm and hit him in the head. At the third stage you will be forced to destroy some crystals on his arms as well. Pay attention to the red circles on the ground, as stones are falling and will arrive any moment. His illuminated eyes instead indicate the departure of some laser beams, fortunately easily dodged.

# 35 Onryoki

Stray Cats - Level 97

To find out more, read point # 17, as we have already talked about Onryoki. This time you will also have 3 kittens to help you, which will potentially do all the dirty work.

# 36 Shuten Doji

The mausoleum of evil - Level 100

A great Yokai who uses the element of fire through his sword, dealing a lot of damage with rather slow blows. Let's talk about Shuten Dojo, who luckily will get drunk in the fight to allow you to damage him. Pay attention to his charged attacks, which must be counterattacked to avoid problems and burns. You can also hit it between a combo and the other, when one is not successful. You will have a chance to attack when he tries to use his very slow sword, going behind him. Pay attention to the spread of fire: talismans could be for you for a few more possibilities.

# 37 Maeda Tashiie

Spear Mataza - Level 104

To defeat again Maeda Tashiie you just need to apply the notions explained in point # 28, since you can go around easily in this case too.

# 38 Enenra

The Golden Castle - Level 105

Enenra returns for the third time, and to defeat him you can simply apply the advice from # 2. Having become more familiar with the game - as well as various skills - you will certainly feel more at ease and you will be able to get away with it more easily on this occasion.

# 39 Mezuki and Gozuki

The Golden Castle - Level 105

A true double boss, but luckily the two enemies will have relatively little life and attack power. Let's talk about Mezuki e Gozuki, and our advice is to kill them one at a time, focusing fully on one of them. It is advisable to attack Mezuki, as it is more dangerous due to the bullets it uses. Always try to counter the charged shots, and then go on the attack yourself. It is essential to calculate your amount of elixir well: you have two enemies ahead.

# 40 Yatsu-no-Kami

The Golden Castle - Level 105

Yatsu-no-Kami, the giant and dangerous snake, is back. Also in this case the battle will be easier, especially following the advice indicated in point # 4.

# 41 Kasha

The Golden Castle - Level 105

You find yourself again in front of Kasha, but you can follow the advice given in # 25 to get the better of this fiery boss.

# 42 Lady Osakabe

 The Golden Castle - Level 96

A giant boss, this time not already seen, who to be defeated will have to lose his arms, in order to reset his Ki with 4 of the limbs out of use and focus on his head, now fallen to the ground. Lady Osakabe he's a tough nut to crack, as his arms fire elemental bullets frequently, and attacking one arm will make it difficult to keep an eye on everyone else. Here the audio comes to your aid, as there isn't much else that can be done. However, you can shoot the eye in the house - when open - with the cannon, which will allow you to inflict bonus damage.

Maeda Keiji is a really simple boss to defeat, which can be knocked out simply if hit when in motion, as it is completely defenseless. One of the easier bosses among those present in Nioh 2, which prepares you, however, for a very tough battle.

# 44 Kasha

The end of the dream - Level 108

Just follow the same tips as point # 25 to KO again Kasha, but this time you will also have a companion on your side.

# 45 Tokichiro

Cherry Blossoms in Daigo-ji - Level 112

We already talked about in # 31 of Tokichiro, which however this time is decidedly more impressive, as it masters several elemental attacks at its best. You can still use the spear skill and block it permanently, and you'll also have Thermal Waters on your side just a few meters away. Pay close attention to when he takes you to the Dark Realm, trying to run around in circles to avoid his attacks. You might want to wait for the buff to finish without attempting risky attacks.

# 46 Kashin Koji

Cherry Blossoms in Daigo-ji - Level 112

Tokichiro has some nasty surprises for you, as once defeated it will give way to kashin Which. This is actually a checkpoint, and in case you die you won't have to restart the fight. The new boss also uses elemental attacks, and is really not very resistant. However, once he is defeated he will stand up and have to be killed again. Try to run in circles, as far as possible, attacking with only one shot at a time so as not to take risks. His Dark Kingdom brings several of his clones into play, which once hit will quickly go away: just block the elemental swords falling from the sky to be able to stop them.

# 47 Ryomen Sukuna

Return to harmony - Level 110

Ryomen Sukuna returns in a much easier version, which follows the same mechanics explained in # 26.

# 48 Hachisuka Koroku

The Euphoric Demon - Level 95

This is the same boss discussed in # 33, but this time there is a new method to knock out Hachisuka Koroku. Climbing the hill on the left and falling you can hit him while he is in midair, repeating the process until his death.

# 49 Shibata Katsuie

Restless Spirits - Level 111

Return for the second time Shibata Katsuie, ready to charge you with his features between boar and Yokai. You can find the tricks on how to win in step # 29.

# 50 Azai Nagamasa

Yaksha's Return - Level 112

You will find all the tips on how to deal with Azai Nagamasa in point # 16, although this time it will be much easier to defeat.

# 51 William

The blue-eyed samurai - Level 113

A great return that comes directly from Nioh in Nioh 2. However, this is not a boss, but the protagonist who took part in the events of the previous title of this saga. The clash with William it's actually pretty straightforward, as you just need to hit it as it approaches you, and like several other enemies it will be helpless as it moves, as well as having a low amount of health.

To defeat more easily Ashikaga Yoshiteru you will have to use the rocks on the battlefield to your advantage. By hiding behind them you can replicate his slower shots, and take him out slowly.

# 53 Matsunaga Hisahide

The master of the three evils - Level 80

As soon as the fight started, Matsunaga it will try to grab after a quick run, dealing a lot of damage to you if you don't dodge to the left side. This boss uses different offensive tools and spends time to power up, having to do in any case with animations that will allow you to inflict considerable damage on him, possibly going behind him.

# 54 Hattori Hanzo

DOJO Mission The Hanzo Demon - Level 100

To defeat Hattori hanzo with ease you just have to bring it to a corner, and then be able to block it with the skills of the spear or with various quick shots. In the latter case you will risk making him counterattack, given the consumption of Ki, but you just need to move away before the bar is completely empty to try again. The door behind you is also a good place to take Hattori Hanzo, who will have a hard time escaping.

To kill Sakata Kintoki you'll have to wait for a combo to fail and use small combos, then dodging to repeat endlessly. Pay particular attention to the grip when he breaks the ground, as his axes do not deal massive damage on their own.

# 57 Mumyo

DOJO Keen Gaze Mission - Level 100

Mumyo he is not a very strong boss, and can be defeated like many others when he approaches you, simply with single attacks as he walks and cannot defend himself.

# 58 Shisenin Kosen

DOJO Mission The Blade of Tengu - Level 100 (Odachi)

As soon as Shisenin Kosen fails in a combo you can start hitting it repeatedly, until you finish the Ki, but trying to optimize it with the Ki Rhythm. That way you can soon knock him out.

# 59 Shisenin Kosen

DOJO Mission The Chain That Slices the Sky - Level 100 (Kusarigama)

In this case Shisenin Kosen he will use a Kusarigama, just as you will be forced to. You can hit him as he comes towards you through a single shot and he won't be able to defend himself, but you won't deal much damage, so you'll have to repeat the action many times. This time the boss will be able to throw his weapon at you, as well as make dangerous holds.

# 60 Shisenin Kosen

DOJO Mission Open the Mind's Eye - Level 100 (Katana)

Both you and Shisenin Kosen you will also use the same weapon in this case: a sword. You can hit him again as he comes towards you with a shot, such as when he fails a combo.

# 61 Hattori Hanzo

DOJO Mission Like Lightning - Level 80 (Tonfa)

In this battle against Hattori hanzo you will both be using a Tonfa. If you walk left after his failed attack, you can hit him, as long as you don't have a high guard. Pay attention to his catch which will be done once your Ki is exhausted.

# 62 Sakata Kintoki

DOJO Mission An Unstoppable Whirlwind - Level 100 (Hatchets)

Cons Sataka Kintoki you will have to, like himself, use an ax. Pay attention to the ones that the boss has the habit of throwing, which you can parry using the trees in your favor, and then launch into the attack given its slow recovery. Once the Nioh 2 Dojo challenges are over, it's time for the final boss.

# 63 Otakemaru

In the Eye of the Beholder - Level 114

What can I say, the last boss of Nioh 2 is also the hardest in the game. A Yokai named after Otakemaru and uses different forms, three of them, with regularity. Its move set is very complex and once it reaches 50% of its remaining life it will completely transform, presenting entirely new moves. With 25% health left he will change his move set for the second time, and flying swords will frequently be thrown at the player. Try to keep in mind that backstab strikes inflict double the damage, which will be key to gaining the upper hand. The boss is very fast, but you will have time to hit him between one attack and the next. You can certainly master the tactics learned during your adventure in Nioh 2: here the hit and run is simply essential. We recommend that you bring some regeneration and steel talismans, to use as soon as possible. Let's see now how to face the most demanding challenge of Nioh 2.

First phase

In this phase the boss will use electric daggers, ranged attacks and close-range strikes. For the first you will have to run to the right in order to dodge them, managing to counterattack the charged attacks. When he leaps into the air to hit the ground he becomes vulnerable for a few hits, but still remains in his fastest form. Ranged attacks are the effective throw of his sword, difficult to dodge, but not very powerful. Try to run left and right hitting him sporadically. With the melee attacks the boss will be much slower, and can be hit after failing any combo, paying attention to when he will wave the club.

Second phase

Once it reaches 50% of life, as already mentioned the boss transforms and stops changing phases. This will now perform several predetermined moves, combined with those already shown. Once he will ram the ground with his sword, to throw himself at you running, Just before the jump you just need to dodge to the right, but not when the boss has not yet jumped, or will hit you in any case, subsequently you will have the chance to hit him. When he hits the ground with his sword he can unleash flames or fire in a large radius. Consequently, if you are too close you will be hit and will not be able to successfully dodge the blow. The charged shot is really difficult to counter, you will want to escape to avoid taking many hits. Shots with the Ice Sword summon three fleeting, easy-to-dodge puddles, which will kill if they all hit the player. Ice spears are easily avoided by simply walking and dodging. The Dark Realm is of little influence to the actual, but the recovery of the reduced Ki is a serious problem. To hit him it is good to use his jumps, since they allow you to inflict a blow.

Third stage

Once brought to 25% health, the boss will remain static, and will control swords to throw them at the player, as well as taking holds from afar. This is undoubtedly the most difficult sequence in Nioh 2. The boss will continue to use his old moves, and will indicate the aforementioned sword grip when his blade glows gray, but fortunately it will be easy to dodge. When he starts throwing blades in a straight line you will have to try to run, because you will also be killed by blocking them, while when he throws the swords in the air they will land on you, avoid blocking them again to take home the last boss of Nioh 2.

We hope that the guide was useful and clear, and that thanks to it you can successfully defeat all 63 bosses of Nioh 2. We particularly want to thank the PowerPyx channel for all the videos in the article.


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