No Man's Sky: guide to the ending, how to get to the center of the universe [PS4 - PC]

No Man's Sky: guide to the ending, how to get to the center of the universe [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to get to the No Man's Sky ending faster.

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Let's first make a premise: as explained by the game's creator, Sean Murray, the ultimate goal of No Man's Sky is NOT to reach the center of the universe. Here are his words:

"At first that's what we had in mind for No Man's Sky, and we used to tell the press 'well, you can try to get to the center of the universe.' But that was never the point for us."

"The fact is that thinking there was a goal seemed to help journalists and some players struggling with No Man's Sky, it calmed them in a way. We never really wanted to create a perfect game; maybe through updates may come close to that point, but we didn't think of it that way. We didn't set out to make a title that you could play forever, although it's possible that in a couple of years, after introducing updates, experience comes close to that result. "

So what's the goal of No Man's Sky? When does the game end?

The first thing we can say is that, if we really want to persist in finding a plot / story in this game, surely its "main quest" is represented by the Way of the Atlas. Completing this path seems to be the only thing the player can do to be able to say: "I finished No Man's Sky".

As Murray himself admitted (after having made people believe otherwise ...) there is no center to reach, also because the way to the center seems to be parallel to that of the Atlas. The ultimate goal is precisely to complete this Way of the Atlas which culminates in a particular event, and it seems that to do so you will have to make continuous "exchanges" between one and the other, but in fact you will always end up traveling in the same direction. .

If you want to find out more and get all the help to accomplish the feat, follow the guide to complete No Man's Sky's Way of the Atlas which, don't worry, is completely free of unnecessary spoilers. In this guide, protected by appropriate spoilers, you will also find a paragraph that explains and shows with video what happens at the end of No Man's Sky.

How to quickly reach the finish

By its nature, No Man's Sky can be a very distracting game. It may also happen to you to play for hours only to discover that you have only covered a few hundred light years of the 178.000 that must be covered to reach the "finish line".

So here are some fundamental tips that you will have to keep in mind on your long journey to avoid getting lost in the millions of millions of procedurally generated planets:

1. follow the Via dell'Atlante. As already mentioned it represents a bit of the main story of the game, follow the guide to complete the Way of the Atlas of No Man's Sky.

2. upgrade the Hyperguide. From the beginning the player is led to focus on upgrading the suit and spaceship, do not make this mistake and add the development of Hyperdrive to the list of important things to do. Improved Hyperdrive will not only make you travel faster but will also make you find the best and richest planets. So do not miss the guide to enhance the No Man's Sky Hyperguide.

3. take advantage of shortcuts. Even at the beginning of the game, when with the basic Hyperguide you will travel for distances no longer than a few tens of light years, you can make jumps of 200/300 light years using the shortcuts. When you enter the Anomalies (the round stations marked with the purple icon) by talking to Nada and Polo you will have the possibility to choose between three options:

a) receive technology, b) find a shortcut, c) restore the Way of the Atlas

Forget the technology (you will think about it as you explore the planets) and choose one of the other two options. With the shortcuts you will be shown the location of a black hole that will make you make a leap of a few hundred light years towards the center, while choosing the Way of the Atlas you should give an acceleration to your path of the Atlas.

It is not clear which of the two is more functional to the final goal, but since the Way of the Atlas seems to be the only meaning of this game (if you can't make sense of space exploration as an end in itself) then not option "C" may be the recommended one.

Never lose sight of the three points listed and you too will make it. Good trip!

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