No Man's Sky: Guide to Complete the Way to the Atlas [PS4 - PC]

    No Man's Sky: Guide to Complete the Way to the Atlas [PS4 - PC]

    No Man's Sky: Guide to Complete the Way to the Atlas [PS4 - PC]


    In this guide we see how to complete the way of the Atlas in No Man's Sky and what you get as a reward.

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    If at the beginning of No Man's Sky you followed the (very few) instructions provided by the game, then you have probably already undertaken the via dell'Atlante. If you have not done so or if you have refused do not worry, you can fix it at any time by talking to Nada and Polo in the next Atlas Interface you will encounter.

    Although it is not clear who it represents (entity, alien, philosophy?), The Atlas provides a path that the player can decide to follow in faith, as it is not at all clear where it will lead him. The alternative will be to freely explore space or follow the path to the center of the Universe.

    So let's try to shed some light on the way to the Atlas, establishing how it is completed and what is achieved by completing it.

    The interfaces of the Atlas

    As you jump from one system to another, you will come across the interfaces of the Atlas. These are the "fundamental stations" of the Via dell'Atlante. There should be 11 in total, inside each of them you will find two Curvature cells, one or two new technologies for the suit or the spaceship, some globes that guarantee the learning of different new words (10 or even 15) and, most importantly, one Atlas stone.

    The stones of the Atlas

    These fundamental stones are 10 in total and are found, as already explained, in the Atlas Interfaces. Be careful because you can sell them to earn 70.000 units for each stone, but you DON'T NEED TO DO IT. To complete the way of the Atlas you will in fact need all 10 Atlas Stones. If you accidentally sold some, it can be repaired, but at a high price: in the inter-space market the Atlas stones are sold for several million units!

    Travel goals

    The last requirement in order to complete the Way of the Atlas is to complete at least 50 travel objectives. For this, in the course of your journey you will have to continue to discover new races, visit new systems, talk to the Aliens, learn new words and do everything that is required in the stastic menu. The game will warn you every time you reach a new goal, continue until you have reached 50 travel goals. Remember that you can check your progress at any time from the game menu.

    What happens in the No Man's Sky finale ???


    If we want to say that No Man's Sky has a "story", then the Way of the Atlas represents the main quest. To conclude it, all you have to do is get to the eleventh interface of the Atlas bringing with you all 10 Atlas Stones that you have collected during the journey.

    At this point you will have the possibility to choose to "spend" the 10 Stones to give life to a new star and discover the truth. If you don't fear spoilers, here's a video that shows it all:

    This is the center of the universe thought by Murray.

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