"In Love With Ryan" guide

Beyond Two Souls: how to sleep with Ryan [PS3]


In this guide we see how to sleep with Ryan and unlock the "In Love With Ryan" Trophy by Beyond Two Souls.

"In Love With Ryan" guide

The process is simple enough, but many have ended up getting past the point where it is possible to go to the point ... without going to the point.

First of all we say that it must be done in the chapter "The Supper", but it cannot happen without performing the right actions in the chapter "Like the others". In fact, in the latter you will have to let yourself be discovered by the receptionist. If this does not happen, in fact, a negative event will ruin the beautiful evening with Ryan.

So, let yourself be discovered by the Receptionist, then once you have started the chapter "Dinner" make sure you do everything right so as not to ruin the evening, and above all avoid messing with Aiden. If everything goes smoothly, you will move to the bedroom and the party will begin.

Remember to consult the Beyond Two Souls trophy guide to find out how to unlock all the other achievements of the game.

Here is a video that shows the whole process and also the final "sex scene"

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