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In the past, numerous digital variants of the well-known card game Uno have been proposed, although in all probability the most remembered is the one developed by Carbonated Games on Xbox 360. This time it is Ubisoft to take over the baton to offer us a new version, available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since last August 9th. One is particularly appreciated for its immediacy, the rules are easy to learn and, since it is not a game of skill, the outcome of the games is predominantly based on good luck. Basically you receive seven cards in your hand and you have to try to discard them all before the other players. To do this it is necessary to associate cards of the same color or bearing the same number, or use the special ones to force the other participants to draw penalty cards, skip the round or reverse it. The criterion is really immediate to understand but, in the event that you do not know its mechanisms, an initial tutorial is available that illustrates everything you need.

Ubisoft offers us a new version of Uno, complete with Rabbids

Xbox One achievements

Uno's goals are only twelve, and they don't require a lot of effort to unlock all of them. With a little patience you can get 1000G without too many worries.

One classic and… One Rabbids

In the version of Uno proposed by Ubisoft you can choose to play with two types of decks: the first is traditional, while the second is customized by the presence of the crazy Rabbids. In this second case, in addition to the basic rules and any secondary options, there are four bonus cards that affect the progress of the game. By drawing "Five and Five", for example, it is possible to distribute a first round of penalty cards only to the opponents and a second round divided among all the participants. The "Hurry up" card forces all players to perform their action within just three seconds, otherwise they are forced to draw a penalty card and skip the turn, while "Like a bomb" requires the next player to draw three more cards. Finally with "No man's land" you can defend yourself from a joker draw two or draw four, also being able to choose the color with which to continue. In both decks it is possible to activate some variants at will, for example repeating a wild card and passing the penalty to the next player, or providing that by playing a seven you can exchange cards with someone else.

One, review
One, review

The final goal is always represented by the achievement of a cumulative score, included at will between two hundred and five hundred points, which is calculated on the basis of the cards left in the hands of the other players at the end of each single frame. The single-player matches are played against three opponents managed by artificial intelligence, but if necessary it is possible to select 2vs2 matches to share the game table with a friend and develop combined strategies. When you are left with only one card in your hand, you must press a button to communicate it to the other players and avoid the penalty; With due timing, the other competitors can then be forced to draw new cards and extend the conclusion of the game. Objectively, the longevity of Uno's offline mode is not very pronounced, in fact there is insufficient content to stimulate the player after the completion of the first meetings with the only two decks available. The situation improves by dedicating itself to the four-player multiplayer mode, which allows, among other things, to take advantage of both voice chat and video chat with the help of Kinect or PlayStation Camera. In this case you are automatically associated with a new game, where players can enter and exit seamlessly. In the event that a participant is missing, the empty seat is replaced by artificial intelligence, until someone is again available to join. Also in this case it is possible to fall back on the 2vs2 mode and collaborate with another user to win the match. The main difficulty encountered in the online sessions is due to the extended times that pass between one game and the next and to the continuous entry and exit of the players from the game, which can sometimes alter the progress of the challenge.


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One is the usual immediate and fun pastime to be enjoyed in the company of friends. In its digital version it can be a good way to intersperse more busy sessions with other titles or to relax at the end of a busy day. The game loses its appeal in single-player mode, also due to a very limited offer that runs out within a few hours. For example, it would have been interesting to have other custom decks available in addition to that of the Rabbids. Participating in multiplayer sessions significantly improves things, although there are some fluency issues that Ubisoft should address with an update.


  • Simple and immediate
  • Also playable in multiplayer
  • Alternative rules you can select
  • Poco longevo in single-player
  • Limited variety
  • Online not always smooth
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