OnePlus 8, the review

Starting with an absolutely unique and aggressive business model, OnePlus has over the years "surrendered" to the conventional laws of the smartphone market, and in this one OnePlus 8 review we will also try to understand if this choice has paid off or not. What is certain is that the new device of the Asian company is in effect a model flagship, exactly the kind of object that the early OnePlus aimed to break down by offering technologically advanced terminals at an affordable price. With OnePlus 8 we are instead faced with one smartphone equipped with a respectable technical data sheet and a top-of-the-range construction level, but with a list price that is not exactly attractive: let's talk about 719 Euros for cutting 128GB e 819 Euros for the 256GB one. Will it be worth it?

OnePlus 8, the review

Design, materials and ergonomics

Confirming the traditional attention to detail that the Chinese company reserves for its smartphones, OnePlus 8 looks very good: the red packaging is very cool and contains, in addition to the device, a 30W charger, a USB-C cable and a transparent cover. in silicone, plus an illustrative card and nice stickers. The design of the smartphone proves to be clean and elegant, thanks also to the opaque metal frame and the back in frosted glass, a very pleasant solution to the touch and which also has the advantage of retaining little fingerprints. The photographic form main is positioned in a slightly raised vertical strip (an element that as usual stimulates even more the use of a cover), while the front camera abandons the pop-up solution of the previous model to position itself in a more modern punch hole top left. The curved screen then gives a remarkable glance, for a device that with measures equal to 72.9 x 160.2 x 8 mm cannot be defined exactly compact but nevertheless it is comfortable to handle: thanks also to a very well distributed weight of 180 grams, few if compared with current market standards. Unlike the Pro version, OnePlus 8 does not have certification IP68 and consequently it is not waterproof, but otherwise the care in the assembly and the quality of the materials are exactly the same. Finally, the presence, on the right side, of the very comfortable one is noteworthy slider to choose between ringer, vibrate and silent modes - a constant for OnePlus that other manufacturers would do well to imitate.

OnePlus 8, the review

La partnership con Fortnite

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Epic Games, OnePlus 8 is the first smartphone capable of offering the Fortnite gaming experience at 90FPS, a speed higher than any other mobile device: our test has actually highlighted an excellent fluidity of the famous battle royale, even higher than that offered by some console versions. The collaboration between the two companies also led to the birth of the Creative Island 90, a section of the game dedicated to mini challenges focused on the theme of speed.

Hardware, operating system and performance

OnePlus 8 is sold in two variants respectively of 8GB and 16GB of RAM and 128GB and 256GB of non-expandable memory, but in both cases you are sure to have a really fast and performing device on your hands. About one technical of the highest level, in which the excellent stands out Snapdragon 865 2,84 GHz octa core with Adreno 650 GPU, which is the best chipset currently on the square that guarantees impeccable performance both in multitasking and in gaming. In short, even with OnePlus 8 continues the happy tradition that sees the smartphones of the Chinese house among the fastest ever in the Android landscape, with the usual support of a operating system among the best in circulation. The much appreciated Oxygen OS it is therefore presented on OnePlus 8 (in its version 10.5.7 at the time of writing), always proving to be very well optimized and allowing the user a high degree of customization, but without the bloatware that often pepper Chinese devices and indeed presenting functionality and very useful and interesting proprietary applications. Also goodautonomy, guaranteed by a 4300 mAh battery that allows you to safely arrive at the end of a day of intense use, with the possibility of going even further if you are satisfied with the frequency of the screen at 60 Hz. With the charger included in the package you can restore the phone's battery completely within an hour, while unfortunately wireless charging is not supported (which instead is in the Pro version). In terms of connectivity, OnePlus 8 supports 5G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC, offers two slots for as many nanoSIMs but is orphaned of the audio jack, a choice now shared by most of the competitors.

OnePlus 8, the review

Display and photographic sector

OnePlus 8 mounts a 6,55-inch FullHD + AMOLED panel with a 20: 9 format and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. of excellent quality, much more readable on the outside than that of the previous OnePlus 7 and capable of truly remarkable performance at night, thanks above all to a particularly strong brightness. Maybe it will not reach the heights of excellence of other high-end models, but there is absolutely no complain about the OnePlus 8 screen, which moreover is well exploited by peculiar features such as the reading mode or the Zen Mode. The display also integrates the sensor for the Fingerprints, using the same solution of the latest models which is confirmed as elegant but not 100% reliable: due to the small reading surface, recognition does not always occur correctly, making us regret what was experienced on other top of the range.

OnePlus 8, the review

also the cameras they are a slightly sore point for OnePlus 8, which proves to be less equipped than its older brother Pro and which in general gives the impression of being a step behind the more fierce competition on this front. The rear photo module houses a 48MP main, a 16MP wide angle it's a 2MP macro, giving up the telephoto lens in favor of a 10x digital zoom which however works discreetly only at the lowest levels. The main one has a sensor Sony IMX586 which returns bright and defined images in optimal light conditions, while at night the results are good but not exciting, certainly a step below the best seen in recent times on other models. The same goes for the wide angle, with the macro that instead left us some perplexity both for its actual usefulness and for the yield that is not always impeccable. A hint also for the frontal from 16MP, which proves to be fast and reliable and also equipped with a valid algorithm for the bokeh effect in portrait mode. On the front video, OnePlus 8 allows you to record up to 4K at 60 fps (using the wide angle instead you have to stop at 30 fps), with the peculiarity of being able to take advantage of the 21: 9 cinema format. The stabilization works as long as you lower the image quality slightly, but in general the results are absolutely satisfactory for everyday use.

OnePlus 8, the review


Price 719 € / 819 €


From the name of flaghsip killer of the beginnings, OnePlus has passed to flagship and that's it with this OnePlus 8, a smartphone that puts itself on a par with the top of the range also and above all in terms of price. The competition, however, is tight, and although the device has important arrows at its bow (above all the build quality and speed of execution), in some respects it is simply not at the level of the first in the class that cost similar figures.


  • Design with attention to the smallest details
  • Among the fastest Android devices ever
  • Oxygen OS is confirmed as excellent
  • Cameras left one step behind
  • Certain features typical of the top of the range are missing
  • The price is not inviting

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