PlayStation 5: Denuvo anti-cheat arrives to eliminate cheaters

A short press release released this morning by Irdeto he revealed that Denuvo has become part of the tools and middleware program regarding the PlayStation 5 di Sony. This means that game developers can now use this fascinating technology within their publications which they will land on the console in question for to prevent various types of fraud and hacking. This inclusion aims to strengthen protection from certain illegal activities and therefore focus on security - in this respect - even greater than it was previously. Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Denuvo's chief executive, said today in conjunction with the revelation:

Cheating ruins video games for honest gamers. This can lead to decreased engagement, game traffic, and reduced revenue for game publishers. We are truly proud to be able to help the world's most talented developers bring rich experiences for gamers to PlayStation 5.

Denuvo's technologies work on different gaming platforms, from PC consul and even ai mobile devices (both Android and iOS). To date, according to Irdeto, the software has covered over 2 billion unique game installs and has secured over a thousand games. The company says a number of PS5 launch games actually already incorporated theAnti-Cheat by Denuvo, which guarantees both online gameplay and the safe saving of progress in offline mode. Also, despite many claiming to the contrary, Irdeto pointed out that the software does not affect performance in any way, nor does it interrupt a game developer's workflow. Besides that, did you know that in the past few hours it has been announced We Were Here Forever, a new game in the series coming to PS5!

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