PlayStation 5 with a PS2-like design? One user imagines it just like that

    PlayStation 5 with a PS2-like design? One user imagines it just like that

    From the first day it showed up, the new home console Sony he immediately left open-mouthed more or less everyone for his very particular aesthetic taste, which makes eccentricity and futurism his points of inspiration. In general, the external appearance (but also the internal one and the order of the components) did not break the hearts of many, indeed, the criticisms were probably higher than the praise. Asymmetrical, complex in design, white in color and many other factors were a sort of sword of Damocles for the new entry of this generation. Many have tried to imagine her in new guises and, the user PYO, then sharing "Marlon" through social channels via Twitter, showed what he thinks would be a version of PS5 themed PlayStation 2.

    As you can see from the tweet at the bottom of the article, the vision imagined by the user is nothing more than a normal PlayStation 5 but with the colors that closely resemble the colors of the beloved and glorious PlayStation 2. The white side panels leave the placed in an opaque black color, while in the lower part of the console - if we placed it vertically - there is a small emblem of the creator in "purple" color that tries to recall the colors of the original writing on PS2. The controller has also been revised. The Dualense now has two black shades, one more opaque and the other more metallic. The iconic buttons of the PlayStation brand: "ics", "triangle", "circle" and "square" are back colored as they used to be, giving more liveliness and highlighting even more the luminescent blue slots found inside the DualSense.

    Obviously this version is not Sony official and we believe that it can hardly be put on the market. However, we believe the work done, albeit simple, of great visual effect but even more nostalgic, a feeling that often and willingly moves the soul of gamers.

    PS5 with PS2 design looks incredible. Sony can make bank off these in 2021 and beyond. Via PYO # PS5

    - Marlon Gaming Nation (@GamesAndWario) December 21, 2020


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