Red Dead Redemption: is a movie based on the work of Rockstar coming?

    Red Dead Redemption: is a movie based on the work of Rockstar coming?

    A film by Red Dead Redemption seems to be around the corner. The original game of the 2010 it was already a massive cinematic experience that took inspiration from some of the greatest western-themed films, as well as his own recent sequel.

    Both games were huge financial successes for Rockstar Games, and fans have always wondered if this franchise would ever see a big screen adaptation. In the last few hours, in this sense, it seems that something is starting to move. Colleagues from Giant Freakin Robot have indeed obtained some exclusive information indicating that a Red Dead Redemption movie is currently in production.

    According to the source of Giant Freakin Robot, which in the past has already provided some exclusive and confirmed scoops, it seems that Sony is starting development on a Red Dead Redemption movie. This news adds to the already official film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima and it seems quite obvious that Hollywood is once again aiming for adaptations of videogame works.

    Movies based on video games are no longer a guaranteed failure like the attempts of the last decade, see movies like Sonic the Hedgehog, and following this newfound enthusiasm Sony is launching into several film projects.

    Netflix, in fact, has announced several original films and series based on different videogame franchises, including Assassin's Creedresident evil e Splinter Cell. At the cinema instead we will see Mortal Kombat, which will premiere on 16th April, in addition to the sequel to the aforementioned Sonic the Hedgehog. Also, let's not forget about  Uncharted with Tom Holland and the series The Last of Us area of  HBO with Pedro Pascal e Beautiful Ramsey.

    In short, where cinecomics it seems that Hollywood wants to give a second chance to the adaptations taken from videogame works, and we just have to wait for the arrival of these products on large and small screens to understand if it is finally the right time.

    We specify, however, that there is still nothing official regarding the start of a production linked to a Read Dead Redemption film, and therefore we invite you to take this indiscretion with a grain of salt.

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