RedStar Gaming ASD room inaugurated

    RedStar Gaming ASD room inaugurated

    During the evening of Friday 11 March 2016, the new LAN room in Rome located a few steps from Tiburtina Station and Piazza Bologna: RedStar Gaming ASD. Precisely this well-equipped room is located in Via Gianluca Squarcialupo No. 8, and is easily reachable on foot from the two reference points we have mentioned.

    RedStar Gaming ASD room inaugurated

    Structure and services:

    The set-up and scenographic design of the room was conceived and conceived together with Graziano, Marlon, and their respective teams. The room in question has well 20 workstations for PC performing at their best, all of which are fitted with Skylake CPU (the only LAN room in the capital to have it) and mechanical keyboards. The brands that we will face are none other than MSI, Cooler Master e Benq, found through the well-known company AFK Store From Rome. There is also an AFK own sales corner inside the place, which offers the best PC accessories on the market.

    Surprises certainly don't end here! In addition to the PC Gaming area, the RedStar Gaming room has a lounge area decorated in the "Minimal Berlin" style, where you can relax or play with the vast choice of board games available. It is also present a room entirely dedicated to role-playing games! Decorated in grand medieval style. By accommodating all types of players, the team has created in addition to all this an area exclusively for the retrogaming which provides three workstations, equipped with full HD Samsung LED TVs and arcade sticks!

    Forget the connection problems: RedStar Gaming offers the use of ben 3 x 50 mega optical fibers one, or one for every 10 Computers, ed one reserved for streaming!

    Evening and events:

    During the inauguration evening the very kind and friendly team offered refreshments to all guests, who did not spare their appreciation for the treatment and efficiency of the machines made available. The team will organize in the near future of the weekly tournaments, giving away fabulous prizes. The stations will also be available (as already mentioned) to stream anyone who wanted, and precisely in this regard during the evening yesterday the first streamers were two special guests: the Twitchers Royalmail e Joka Smoka! Coming soon on the canal RealPlayersTV the interviews that were kindly granted to us by the two very nice guys, and by the RedStar Gaming team will be published! Stay tuned!


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