Indiana Jones 5: David Koepp has decided to abandon the project

The fifth chapter dedicated to the iconic film saga of Indiana Jones it will go on without one of its writers. According to the news of the last few hours, David Koepp, who previously wrote "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," has officially dropped the project. The well-known American screenwriter and director made it clear to Collider's microphones that he had this decision immediately after that Steven Spielberg has decided to leave the direction of Indiana Jones 5. We report Koepp's words below:

When James Mangold arrived… he deserves the chance to give it a try. I had done several versions with Steven. And when Steven left, it seemed like a good time to let Jim have his own opinion and have the freedom to write it.

Despite the fifth chapter of the gripping saga of Indiana Jones lost Steven Spielberg director, seeing in its place the arrival of James Mangold (director of Logan), will remain tied to the project as a producer. Additionally, the film will see the return of Harrison Ford, who will once again wear the role of Henry Walton Jones. Finally, we remind you that, as confirmed by the same Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm, Indiana Jones 5 will be a "continuation" of the series rather than a reboot, although no details of the story have been confirmed at the moment, and is expected to debut in theaters in the 2022.

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