Justice League: Snyder Cut trailer leaked online

In these hours the DC FanDome, online event dedicated to all the news related to the DC world in all its forms, including TV series, films, comics and video games. In advance of the panel dedicated to the version of Justice League signed by the director Zack Snyder (version named by fans Snyder Cut), the official trailer of the film has been leaked online. In the aforementioned trailer we already see the first changes compared to the original version of 2017, including the appearance of Darkseid. At the top of the article you can view the aforementioned trailer.

The title, which will become part of the official catalog of HBO Max, had been announced officially by the director himself, who took advantage of Man of Steel's live commentary to talk about the project, and will make his debut during the 2021. The release of Justice League in 2017 it divided the public, and over the years the users who have clamored to be able to view the Snyder Cut, which initially should have seen the aforementioned Darkseid as the main villain.

The film he sees then Batman, Wonder WomanAquamanFlashCyborg e Superman united together, it will make its return in the course of 2021 in this new license plate version Zack Snyder, who abandoned the original project in 2016, a year before the official theatrical debut, due to a serious family loss. Finally, the numerous fans waiting will have the opportunity to see his work, which may be able to put critics and audiences in agreement under a single positive perspective. We just have to wait to find out.

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