Returnal: PlayStation 5 exclusive pre-order bonuses officially revealed

Missing less and less to the release of Returnal, the intriguing title of Housemarque coming exclusively for PlayStation 5 which will combine the elements of third-person shooters with a sci-fi setting with those commonly typical of roguelikes, and for the occasion the bonus that will be available thanks to the pre-order of the title has been officially revealed. As previously announced by the development studio, while the goal of the title may be to keep players interested for long periods of time via a highly replayable time-loop style of play, users will have the ability to customize the protagonist with different equipment.

At the moment it is not yet clear whether these alternate equipment offers actual advantages and abilities to the protagonist, such as the costumes in the Spider-Man series of Insomniac Games, but players have at least been given an idea of ​​what alternative designs will look like in the eagerly awaited AAA roguelike. Players who book the title will have access to two different costumes: the prototype suit ASTRA Model 9 and the tactical suit ASTRA Model 14. The “prototype” title of Model 9 is appropriate, as Selene will be dressed in an almost handcrafted jumpsuit, wrapped in wires, cables and exposed components. While the suit won't help solve the problems caused by her previous trauma, it looks like it will do a great job of keeping her from taking further damage. In fact, no wires or other uncovered elements are seen on this finished variant of the ASTRA equipment, fitted with heavy metal chest armor and a generally more complex color scheme and design.

The two exclusive equipment should certainly appeal to players who care about the pure aesthetic component and the personalization of the protagonists, and the news of the pre-order bonus could help to capture the attention of players who are not familiar with the Housemarque project. According to the developers, Returnal will boast a huge arsenal of weapons that players will be able to use within the title, including some special alien tools that will provide unique buffs. We remind you that the title will come next March 19 exclusively on Sony's next-generation console, PlayStation 5.

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