Rocket League: everything you need to know about cross-play

Cross-play, one of the most requested features of Rocket League, will come with the next game update. You will soon be able to share your own competitive grade, the progress of the Rocket Pass and his own sweat Inventory with all platforms! However, we remind you that the Rocket League multi-platform will only be possible for players with an Epic Games account, therefore, create one or access Epic Games account existing is the first step in the process. Once logged in, the player will be asked to set up a main platform, which will act as a source of progress (Rocket Pass progress, competitive level, XP level) for all your connected platforms: this last action will still be modifiable in followed, so don't worry!

THEshared inventory is an important part of Rocket League cross-play. Each platform that is linked to our Epic Games account will share its inventory with the other linked platforms, with a few key exceptions. For example, if a person has completed the Rocket Pass 2 on his personal PC, but also plays on other platforms, he will now be able to use those items anywhere. Particularly, will be shared all free rewards earned, seasonal rewards and titles, Rocket Pass items, item shop purchases, blueprints and all DLC included in the Legacy Pack. In reverse, they will not be shared the exclusive items of the platform, some special DLCs and the balances of credits and Esport tokens.

The arrival of cross-play means, of course, also changes in trading player to player. For reduce the risk of fraud, purchased items can only be traded on their buying platform while other tradable items can be traded regardless of the platform they are acquired on, however it will only be possible to initiate trades with players who are logged into our exact same platform. As an additional anti-fraud measure, both players involved in any trade have purchased at least 500 credits (Players who played Rocket League prior to free-to-play are exempt from this requirement.)

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