Rush Rally 3, the review

In a sector as jagged as the mobile one, the Rush Rally series can now be considered a sort of guarantee. After an interesting debut chapter - a tribute to a great classic of the past like World Rally - and a very solid sequel significantly more akin to modern automotive products, the British developer Stephen Brown has once again hit the App Store and Google Play with the latest version of its popular racing game. Rush Rally 3 tries to build on the successful choices made in the past and aims to further expand the offer with some tasty news. The title is available for download since last March 29 and is proposed on iOS e Android at a price of 4.99 euros. So let's find out if even this third incarnation of the series has actually managed to hit the mark.

Mobile racing excellence

Rush Rally 3 continues in the footsteps of the previous episode offering players a realistic approach and a solid driving model, capable of adapting properly to the needs of the system. touch control. The alternatives are not lacking, however, since from the settings menu it is possible to choose between three types of configuration. We have the standard one, which involves using the virtual indicators of the accelerator, brake and handbrake lever on the right side of the screen, while on the left side we find the arrows to press to give direction. Alternatively, as was the case in the past, you can rely on the accelerometer of your device. The third option instead involves replacing the directional arrows with the virtual reproduction of a steering wheel, but of the three hypotheses it is certainly the least preferable. In our opinion, the most intuitive solution remains the first, but it must be said that the game leaves some freedom to customize the feedback thanks to the functionality of command mapping: by accessing a special menu, it is possible to move the position of the various indicators at will according to one's needs. None of these solutions excite you because you are ultimately incurable traditionalists? Do not worry, through the practical bluetooth connection Rush Rally 3 gives you the opportunity to connect a smartphone or tablet to your smartphone or tablet path real. Moreover, also on this front you have access to a rich range of settings that are useful for improving the reactivity of the external control system.

Rush Rally 3, the review

The game offers a car park of 15 cars which must be progressively unlocked by collecting credits. The in-game currency is obtained simply by driving, but by taking home the medals you gain access to valuable bonuses that are very useful for expanding your garage faster. The accumulated money must be used for the purchase of new cars but also for personalize o upgrade your vehicle with various aesthetic or mechanical interventions. In the first case you can apply stickers of the sponsors, choose the color of the car or the style of the alloy wheels, while in the second case the changes range from changing the tires to the engine, passing through other items such as handling, the transmission system , chassis and suspension. THE circuits available are once again 72, characterized by a fair variety and different configurations depending on the selected discipline. There are also variables such as the alternation between daytime and nighttime and mixed surfaces including asphalt, gravel, dirt and snow. The approach on the track also varies according to the selected shot, which now also includes the perspective positioned directly inside the cockpit.

Rush Rally 3, the review

What makes Rally Rush 3 a complete product, however, is above all the variety of mode which have been made available to the public. Alongside the quick match, the Giro di Fuoco and the pleasant mode Rally cross which puts us in competition with five other opponents controlled by artificial intelligence, the Skill Games section has been introduced. In this case you are put to the test with a total of 18 challenges of increasing difficulty. The tasks are quite varied, including for example making their way on a busy road, avoiding areas where work is in progress, ringing doors and collecting cylinders of nos to increase their speed, but also dodging missiles or recovering coins in the manner of a elusive mustachioed plumber whose name escapes us now. Alternatively, there is still the Career mode, where starting from the Junior Rally championship you have to make your way in Amateur and Semi-Pro competitions to become the world champion of the Rush Rally Championship. The events are distributed on a small globe where the desired destination is indicated among multiple locations around the globe, while the scores of the general ranking can be consulted on the left of the screen. But that's not all, because if necessary Rush Rally 3 also plans to participate in pleasant challenges multiplayer both via internet and locally, although exclusively in Rally Cross mode. The only flaw is the presence of a matchmaking not particularly responsive, but during the sessions we did not encounter any particular performance problems. Nevertheless, the game can be enjoyed safely even when you are offline and does not include advertisements or optional in-app purchases that may in any way annoy its use. Finally it is worth noting that, unlike Rush Rally 2, this time there was no compatibility with AndroidTV.

Rush Rally 3, the review



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Rush Rally 3 reconfirms the good that was seen in the previous chapter of the series and once again stands as an absolute excellence in the mobile video game segment. With a fun and well-crafted driving model, a touch control system that knows its stuff and a plethora of ways to draw from, Brownmonster's product is highly recommended for fans of the genre but also for those who want to always have at their fingertips. a streamlined and very enjoyable game to be used at any time of the day.


  • Fun driving model to enjoy
  • Effective control system
  • Many modes available, including multiplayer
  • Good vehicle physics
  • A little slow matchmaking
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