Ryse Son of Rome Collectible Guide

    Ryse Son of Rome: guide postcards, parchments and collectible chronicles

    Ryse Son of Rome Collectible Guide


    Mamma miaaaa! A-give them back tuttiiiii, li voio tuttiiiiii.

    Ryse Son of Rome Collectible Guide

    Apparently, already in ancient Rome, there was the practice of collecting the collectible. Ryse Son of Rome sings the deeds of our heroic Roman general who, between a severed arm and a sword-drilled neck, used to stop to collect local souvenirs such as Scrolls, Postcards and Chronicles which, apparently (apparently), told of cheerful women with a very easy chastity belt lock.

    In the shoes of the Roman brave (attention, not Romano Prodi, but a Roman brave) we will have to collect then 90 collectible items in total, both to make sense of our IO, but also to unlock the Achievements related to collectibles:

    • Photo album - get all postcards
    • Ancient Scholar - get all scrolls
    • Keeper of Secrets - Get all Chronicles

    Ryse Son of Rome Collectible GuideBefore leaving you to a video that shows the position of all the collectibles scattered in the 8 Chapters of the campaign, I remind you that each collectible is saved immediately after collecting it. Unfortunately, there is no way to keep track of those already collected and those that are missing. The only way to do this is to use the "Ryse Companion App" and Xbox One Smartglass with a smarthphone / tablet / pc with windows 8. Thanks to the application you can see on your timeline which collectibles you have already found.

    Here is the video, also consult the Ryse Son of Rome cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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