Complete guide to Far Cry Primal animals

    Far Cry Primal: guide to ALL animals + rare beasts [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Complete guide to Far Cry Primal animals


    Let's see where to find all the animals in Far Cry Primal, what abilities they have and how they tame themselves.

    Complete guide to Far Cry Primal animals

    In Far Cry Primal there are 17 different animals that can be tamed and therefore used as allies in hunting. You can tame them all, with the exception of the last three that you can only get at the conclusion of the related hunting mission that is activated later in the game (we have a dedicated guide for each of these three, the links will be found later in this guide).

    How to tame animals
    Shaman Tensay will teach you how to tame predators. To tame an animal you need to lure it with a lure and then approach it hold down the Square button on PlayStation 4 / X on Xbox One and finish before the animal finishes eating the bait.

    Use and abilities / How to reanimate dead animals
    After taming an animal, you can select it during the game from the Beasts menu by pressing the associated button on your controller's d-Pad to bring up the animal selection menu. Also from here, if you don't have time to cure them and the beast dies, it is possible to revive it using one or more red leaves (it changes according to the animal).

    Rare animals
    Rare beasts leave a yellow trail behind them that can be spotted with the hunter's vision. Remember that in order to tame the more advanced animals, you must first unlock the higher skills of Master of the Beasts.

    Where to find the beasts to tame
    The video below shows the places where it is easier to find the different species of animals to tame. The video is followed by the list with the names of all the animals, accompanied by the minute of the video in which they are shown:

    Dhole 2:00
    Dhole (raro) 2:12
    Wolf 2:30
    White Wolf 3:00
    Striped wolf (rare) 3:14
    Jaguar 3:40
    Black Jaguar (rare) 4:01
    Leopard 4:27
    Leone 4:46
    Black Lion (rare) 5:08
    Rate 5:26
    Brown bear 5:51
    Sabretooth tiger (saber tooth) 6:18
    Cave Bear 6:38
    Great Scarred Bear: Follow the guide to tame the Great Scarred Bear in Far Cry Primal
    Blood-toothed tiger: Follow the guide to tame blood-toothed tiger in Far Cry Primal
    Snowblood Wolf: Follow the guide to tame the Snowblood Wolf in Far Cry Primal

    Animals that cannot be tamed
    In addition to those just discussed, in Far Cry Primal there are other animals (even rare) that cannot be tamed, but can only be hunted to get the skins. These animals are as follows:

    • Vipera
    • Beehive (provides relative skin)
    • Bitefish (provides relative skin)
    • Bloodtusk Mammoth (provides relative skin)
    • Boar (provides relative skin)
    • Coccodrillo
    • Porto Cervo
    • Eagle (provides feathers)
    • Elder Mammoth (provides relative skin)
    • Fish
    • Goat (provides relative skin)
    • Seagull (provides feathers)
    • Lizard
    • Mammoth (provides skin relative skin)
    • Monkey (provides)
    • Red bitefish (rare) (provides relative skin)
    • Red elk (rare) (provides relative skin)
    • Two-horned Rhinoceros (rare) (provides relative skin)
    • White deer (rare) (provides relative skin)
    • White yak (rare) (provides relative skin)
    • Rat
    • Raven (provides relative skin)
    • Small Bitefish (provides relative skin)
    • Snow Bird (provides feathers)
    • Tapir (provides relative skin)
    • Tall moose (provides relative skin)
    • Tartaruga
    • Woolly Rhino (provides relative skin)
    • Yak (provides relative skin)
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