Slayin 2 - Review of an arcade tribute released on Nintendo Switch

Slayin 2 it shows itself as a action adventure by touch RPG, developed by Thomas Schreiber di Pixel Licker and published by FDG Entertainment (formerly known for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom). With references to the nostalgic world of arcades and cabinets, the title is the sequel to a first chapter released only for mobile devices. Like its predecessor, however, Slayin 2 maintains a great gaming experience simple and fun, at times even rather hectic.

Not enjoying a real plot, the aim of the game will be to deal with the variegated hordes of monsters, initially taking on the role of a valiant cavaliere. At our disposal, however, we will also have others 8 unlockable heroes (like the Archer or the Warlock, for example), each with one different play style and skills, and we will also have the chance to go on the adventure together with a friend, for one local co-op campaign for up to 2 players. We at Resources4Gaming have had the opportunity to try Slayin 2 in single mode and now we are ready to tell you about it in detail in this dedicated review.

A magical world made of pixels

Slayin 2 is a little gem for lovers of pixel-art, and although its roots lie in mobile gaming ground, this second installment of the series offers an impressive graphical update; we have in fact gone from simple retro-style pixels to many more colors and details. From the point of view of the character design it turns out nothing particularly original, however the animations of characters and enemies are pleasantly striking. From the front of the sonoro, the music does not remain impressed and does not offer noteworthy compositions, however they manage to fully resume the magical spirit, nostalgic and frenetic that the production aims to offer.

The world opens up completely in approx about twenty levels, each of which has been enriched by characteristic settings and unlockable secrets, all obviously populated by monsters and bosses of various kinds. In the story mode you then have the opportunity to also face gods small interludes between one level and another, in which some characters will parade who will tell fragments of the plot following our interaction with them.

Ready, steady… Slay!

Slayin 2 offers players a chance to tackle two modes: the first is the most typical story mode, while the second is one arcade mode, both also playable in co-op. As for the story mode, we will initially be called to play the role of an unblemished and fearless knight, armed with a sword and able to unleash some charged attacks capable of annihilating the weakest enemies. While strikes can be delivered simply by moving left or right of the screen, it is still possible to take advantage of it skills, potions and other bonuses obtained in game, in addition to the fact that the character we will control is still able to jump and to launch a secondary attack with a vertical beam.

Once we have mastered the character's movements, therefore, our goal will be to hoarding enemies. We will have a timer that will show us how much is missing at the end of the level: within those seconds, we will therefore have to take care to kill as many monsters as possible, taking advantage of the combos and being careful not to suffer too much damage or slowdowns of various kinds. The more enemies we kill, the more points we will earn, and the more we will be able to unlock bonuses and useful tools, such as caskets. Although, in the case of the latter, often the key is hidden inside an enemy's stomach!

To best face the fight, one must always keep in mind that the playing field was arranged on 2 levels: one in the foreground and one in the background. For this it will be possible from time to time to change position depending on the most suitable strategy at the moment. Doing "up and down", as well as "back and forth" for the game arena, will allow us to implement some definitely more effective strategies against the final bosses, especially with those who can boast a moveset particularly difficult and dangerous to deal directly with the sword.

As for the meager plot, however, our knight with shining armor finds himself in one city ​​that has been destroyed by some fearsome monsters. It will be up to him - or rather, to us - so take out all the threats that run unchallenged for the kingdom and earn enough to rebuild the city center and bring smiles back to people's faces. And it will be (re) building the city, then, that we will be able to unlock new characters and some particular services offered by the population.

Finally, as regards the arcade mode, this does not differ particularly from the story mode. Before starting the challenge we will be able to choose which character to fight with (however, we must first have them unlocked in story mode) e on how many levels to play. After that, we will be catapulted into the very first game arena, called to clean up monsters (including bosses), to earn a good number of combos and to collect useful bonuses. Between one level and another, a merchant will allow us to buy tools with the money earned in battle, and the aim will obviously be to push the limits, of complete as many levels as possible without dying.

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