Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs

Always linked to the world of motoring, in the course of its forty years of history Sparco has gradually expanded its horizons more and more. This is how it went from producing fireproof suits for the International Automobile Federation to becoming a reference point for tuning and supercar enthusiasts. However, given the increasingly close link between street and virtual races, the Turin-based company recently entered the gaming world, presenting its line of products designed for gamers. Among these stands out a series of high-end gaming chairs, designed to offer many adjustments and the greatest possible comfort to different types of players. Specifically, here we will talk about Sparco Grip, the entry-level chair available in four different colors, namely a solid black base or with blue, red or green finishes.

Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs


As soon as he arrived at the editorial office, Sparco Grip presented himself with a generously sized box and the promise of a few minutes necessary for assembly: the chair must in fact be assembled on site, to prevent the transport from somehow damaging the piston (SGS certificate /BIFMAX5.1 / EN1335) and all those adjustable components of the seat.

Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs

The undertaking is not difficult and, despite a sparse and not too intuitive instruction manual, within about twenty minutes you are ready to place your butt on the synthetic leather of the new seat, which in our case is black. with red trim. Inside are also included all the screws and tools useful for the purpose. On an aesthetic level, Grip closely resembles the classic lines of sports seats produced by the Turin-based company, starting with the classic perforated headrest where the stitched logo stands out. The stitches, even those of the colored inserts, are precise and give a good glance.

Guanti Hypergrip

In addition to the chair, in the last few days we have also had the opportunity to test part of the Sparco clothing line. These are Hypergrip, gaming gloves designed for use with steering wheels and controllers. On the palm they take advantage of the micro-perforated microfiber to ensure good ventilation and foam protectors to reduce stress on the hand, while the rubber coatings help to maintain a good grip. They also feature "touch-sensitive" fingertips on the index and thumb, which are reversible to improve sensitivity when using the controller. With the sultry days of June the results were interesting and, despite an inevitable increase in temperature, we never found ourselves suffering from prolonged use. However, the price is quite high, given that we are talking about 48,68 euros: it is obvious that this is not a product for casual players.


As for the specifications, Sparco Grip allows you to make numerous adjustments, even if the aforementioned manual does not particularly help in exploiting all the seat's potential: in addition to the wheels (a little hard, but always fluid) and the classic adjustment in height, the chair is equipped with a tilting mechanism that allows not only to rock listlessly during office hours, but also to adjust the inclination of the seat. However, even these mechanisms are a bit rigid and require a certain amount of courage to overcome the fear of breaking the still resistant levers. Moving on to the upper part, we find a lever to adjust the backrest recline and a knob for micrometric lumbar adjustment. Even the rigid plastic armrests allow numerous multidirectional adjustments (height, rotation, right, left, forward and back). Finally, the five wheels are mounted on a polished aluminum base, black in color, on which as many tpu clogs can be applied to improve the support grip. On the other hand, a movement blocking system is missing.

Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs Sparco Grip: a new era for gaming chairs +218


Price 299,99 €

With Grip, Sparco makes its debut in the gaming seating sector with an uncompromising proposal, which focuses on quality right from "low-end" products. The price of 299,99 euros for the entry-level model is in this sense the most obvious of the declarations of intent and places the chairs of the Turin house in the category of luxury items. However, quality is already evident in the manufacturing, and Sparco Grip manages to combine comfort with adequate lumbar support. Synthetic leather is obviously not very suitable for long summer gaming sessions, unless you have an air-conditioned environment. On the other hand, it earns points for practicality, since to remove dirt it is sufficient to use a damp cloth. The absence of a wheel locking system can cause some headaches if you use a steering wheel, but the heaviness of the movements still guarantees good stability. The only real note on the "fit": the Grip chair seems clearly designed to accommodate players of small to medium build, so it could be a little tight to the other categories.


  • Lots of adjustments, even for the armrests
  • Excellent quality of materials
  • Unmistakable sporty design
  • Easy to clean ...
  • ... but in summer it warms up a bit
  • A wheel locking system is missing
  • It is a bit heavy
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