"Stocked" Trophy / Objective Guide - Rocket League

    Rocket League: Guide to Unlock All Items [PS4 - PC]


    A little game with lots of stuff to unlock.

    "Stocked" Trophy / Objective Guide - Rocket League

    The items to unlock in Rocket League there are 199 in total, divided as follows:

    • 11 Battle-Cars
    • 70 Bodies (7 for each of the 10 machines, excluding Sweet Tooth which only has 1)
    • 5 colors
    • 25 circles
    • 36 rocket trails
    • 18 hats
    • 34 Antennas (excluding the additional one for those who participated in the beta which does not count towards the trophy)

    To unlock all this stuff basically you have to keep playing, to be precise you will have to complete 165 matches to unlock all these objects, only the Sweet Tooth machine is an exception. To have this last Battle Car too, you need to win at least 1 game with each of the other 10 cars, for more help refer to the guide to unlock all the Rocket League cars.

    Remember that it is not necessary to win games to unlock items, just complete them to get a new item every time.

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