Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Nintendo Direct is coming to Pyra and Mythra

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Nintendo Direct is coming to Pyra and Mythra

    It was the opening announcement of the last Nintendo Direct: Pyra / Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will come directly from the acclaimed action-rpg of Monolith Soft in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as playable characters. Today, the profile Twitter di Nintendo of America announced that he will be the director of the game directly, Masahiro Sakurai, to introduce the two new fighters through an event to be held next March 4th at 15:00 pm, revealing their release date.

    The presentation will be roughly 35 minutes long, and there will be no further new fighter announcements.

    - Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) February 24, 2021

    According to what was stated by the same Nintendo, Furthermore, the event will last 35 minutes, will not see the introduction of new fighters for the famous fighting game. Masahiro Sakurai, game director of the game, reported that the Fighters Pass Coming Soon is the ultimate fighters DLC for the game Nintendo Switch. The comments suggest that we will no longer have Smash Bros DLC until there is a new game. The two warriors of Monolith Soft's role-playing action are thus the fourth additional content linked to SSBU's Fighters Pass 2 post-launch offering. Pyra and Mythra will thus join the already large roster of fighters who, in the last period, has also seen the entry of Min Min from the platform-fighting universe of Arms, of the mascots of Minecraft Steve e Alex and the villain of Final Fantasy 7 Sephirot. As for all the other additional characters of this and the previous Fighters Pass, once again those who want to enrich their catalog of fighters without buying the Pass can do so by choosing to pay only the DLC linked, in fact, to Pyra and Mythra.

    The first has the power of fire and it would appear to inflict greater damage, the latter that of light and be faster, players will be able to change between them on the fly: it goes without saying that the more skilled ones will be able to strategically exploit this possibility. We just have to wait a few more weeks to see the two new fighters in action, and thus find out when they will be available in game on Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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