"The Fifth Key" Objective / Trophy Guide

    Trials Fusion - How to find the fifth key


    But where is it? What time is it? When you eat, when you eat, aaaaaaaaahhhh!

    "The Fifth Key" Objective / Trophy Guide

    If you have stopped looking for it overwhelmed by despair, here is the solution to the mystery of the 5 key of Trials Fusion.

    The only clue we had was the one provided with the description of the result: "Use the Path Editor to find and collect the" Fifth Key "in the world of Fusion", and the key is right there in the editor of paths.

    To find it and to unlock the result, proceed as follows:

    - open the editor and go to the area indicated in this map (the same shown in the video below)

    - now locate the big mountain, it is probably the highest on the whole map

    - at this point, use the editor as shown in the video (you have to use the tool to make holes) in order to completely dig the mountain, to make a hole first and then use the "Copy" function to repeat it quickly . The key is inside the mountain, near the top. Click with the cursor on the key and you will unlock the result. Here is the video

    IMPORTANT: consult the Trials Evolution cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game

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