The MMORPG in your pocket in the Review of Lineage 2: Revolution

There is a relationship of complicated correspondence between the MMO and mobile gaming, which has led to never completely satisfactory results in the search for a synthesis between the characteristics of one and the other. The need to return frequently to these games, the investment of time required and the social features are all elements that could be perfectly associated with mobile use, conversely the size of the technological structure on which they are based and the often heavy and complex interface. clearly move away from the standards of the videogame in portability, therefore finding a meeting point between the two videogame visions is not at all simple. Lineage 2: Revolution is one of the titles closest to this goal that has happened to see in recent years and the work carried out by Netmarble deserves consideration even for this alone. To tell the truth, the game is already quite well known, counting two chapters still very popular on PC and has become a real mass phenomenon from South Korea to the large Asian market up to the West, in particular with its transition to full capacity. free-to-play which took place several years ago.

The MMORPG in your pocket in the Review of Lineage 2: Revolution

The spin-off Lineage 2: Revolution on mobile platforms therefore represents a far-reaching operation, something clearly visible in the production values ​​put in place by the publisher, which are reflected in an impressive technical sector. From the beginning the typical Asian characterization of the MMORPG emerges clearly, with the classic stereotypes of pseudo-medieval fantasy filtered by the new vision of the genre between beefy warriors, fascinating dark elves a little emo and sexy naked elves participating in one of the most classics that can be found in the field. All background elements and perfectly canonical for an online role-playing game, whose mechanics on the other hand are based on other characteristics that we find here all in their place: constant progression, conquest of loot and participation by the community (the latter already well present, at least for the moment). All this under a truly impressive graphics system, one of the most advanced seen so far on mobile devices.

Asian-style online RPG is in your pocket with Lineage 2: Revolution


The character selection allows you to choose between human, elf, dark elf and dwarf, and sub-classes such as warrior, ranger and wizard with other variants that emerge later, for a total of combinations to be honest rather limited compared to what is possible do in other similar products. From here on, the development is classic, with main and secondary quests to be carried out that range in different areas but usually concern a quick exploration of environments and the elimination of threats / rescue of prisoners / recovery of objects and various other typical situations of the MMORPG. There are no particular variations on the theme, with an always linear trend interspersed with numerous fights in which to show off the numerous special skills that the characters learn and evolve along the way, taking part in PvE missions or in PvP fights.

The MMORPG in your pocket in the Review of Lineage 2: Revolution

By default the game is set up for auto-play, which simply means that you play alone: ​​not only the combat, but also the movement to the NPCs and the sights is fully automated in this way, leaving us only the task of pressing the button to read the dialogues and possibly manage the inventory and equipment (however, the latter is also largely automated). It is something that leaves you a bit stunned but it seems to represent a sort of evolution of the recent trend of the mobile market with clicker and idle game, in this case at least applied to a playful structure of a certain thickness. The option can be removed by resetting in this way the usual mechanics with virtual pad and keys to press: the problem is that the controls are often so uncomfortable that we still want to return to the auto-quest, although this may seem an unnatural solution. . On the other hand, it must be said that the game really does a great job of reproducing on portable devices all the complexity typical of the interfaces, menus and options that are usually found in this genre of games. The downside is that a game system designed to work best with a mouse and keyboard obviously does not adapt perfectly to the touch screen and also on smaller screens such as those of smartphones the interface can become a real hell of icons. windows and lowercase lettering.


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There is a big factor of subjectivity to take into consideration when evaluating this game. There are enthusiastic comments around the ability of Lineage 2: Revolution to synthesize the fundamental elements of the MMORPG and abstract everything into a game that is basically played alone, bringing the whole structure back to the simple pleasure of advancing and increasing level and power. For those who remain tied to the founding principles of gameplay such as interaction, skill and fun, this title may seem a sort of aberrant monster, mirror of worrying drifts of today's market. By eliminating auto-play, it all boils down to less disturbing and more classic questions about quest structure, interface and combat system and character management, and on these fronts Lineage 2: Revolution proves to be an honest MMORPG, uninspired and very interesting. manner but with a truly impressive technical realization and a good balance, always full of things to do. For those looking for just that, an experience as close as possible to the classic PC MMORPG on mobile platforms, this title represents one of the best options currently available.


  • Impressive technical sector
  • A complete MMORPG experience in mobile version
  • Good support from users, for the moment
  • Free-to-play without particular forcing the purchase
  • Quite linear and repetitive structure
  • Chaotic interface on small screens
  • Auto-play demolishes identification
  • Quite challenging for mobile hardware
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