The Order: 1886 - Review

    The Order: 1886 - Review

    The Order 1886, a game developed by PlayStation 4 exclusive “Ready at Dawn”, has been able to make people talk about itself: unfortunately, not in a totally positive way.

    Yes, because, as many of you have heard, the game has been destroyed due to its shortness, the presence of many cutscenes and other things. Honestly, we are in a period where all titles tend to become "useless short story, many lackluster online modes" and where the various magazines point the finger whenever a game tends to get away from this concept.

    I admit, I am often very positive even on really insufficient videogames, but, with a really critical eye, I will try to tell you what The Order 1886 transmitted to me.

    The Order: 1886 - Review


    London, 1886. In an alternate world, the order of King Arthur's knights still exists, and has the task of bringing peace and tranquility to London, both from the rebels and, above all, from the half-bloods (the Lycans, or werewolves), half men half beasts. On their own they could not overwhelm these creatures, and therefore resort to Black Water, which makes them live longer and gives them incredible regenerative abilities. Furthermore, each member of the round table will bear the name of one of the original knights as a code name. We will find ourselves in Grayson's shoes, Sir Galahad, and together with the team formed by Sir Percival, Lady Isabeau Marquis de Lafayette, we will be catapulted into the struggle between Men and Beasts. I won't go any further, since the plot remains one of the strong points of the game.

    Strong point but ruined by many questions left there by chance, elements inserted for no reason of which we will never know anything more about their existence, and above all inexplicable details revealed and then made to disappear from the Houdini plot. For those who finished the game, I'll be happy to talk about it below in the comments (remember to watch out for spoilers).

    The integration with the historical period is really excellent, talking about Jack the Ripper, White Chapel and much more.

    The Order: 1886 - Review


    Devastated by long cutscenes and Quick Time Events placed quite unnecessarily, the Gameplay still remains enjoyable, fun, quite difficult, thanks also to the AI ​​of the enemies (they will turn around to attack you if you remain hidden behind a chest, but they will not run away from a grenade ). On the other hand, some really artfully positioned QTEs are excellent, and the battles against Lycan 1vs1 remain fun. Nice stealth sections with the ability to silently kill some enemies.

    The Order: 1886 - Review


    And this is where The Order 1886 shows its best: 1080p and 30fps, with the Anti-Aliasing system working perfectly and amazing graphic effects. The game shows the power of PlayStation 4, and it does it really well, with sublime particle effects. The only flaw: the fire, not cared for at all, but you pass over it.

    The graphics are also what allows the gaps between the cutscenes and the game to be completely absent, forcing the player to always remain attentive, since from one moment to another there could be something to do


    Removing some minor dubbing problems, the game shows a decidedly above average sound sector, with realistic effects in the smallest details, and very successful interpretations of the actors.

    The Order: 1886 - Review


    And here the donkey falls. The game can be finished with an average of 7 hours. Very few, too few, especially for the price. But be wary of not buying it for this. If you like the game (and this requires you to inform yourself first, which I recommend), the game is worth buying. The motivations? Read on and you will understand.

    The Order 1886 vs The World

    The game does not excel it sucks, it disappoints on some points but nothing devastating. Certainly the ads were pretty aggressive, and that clashes with the game itself, which is more like a tech demo than a very powerful console. Tech demo with an all in all excellent plot, which excites, brings you closer to the thought of the characters and will trap you in wanting to finish the game to discover the ending. It won't take you long anyway, as the duration is short.

    The Ready at Dawn game is a nice game, which deviates from the titles that are fashionable in the present, focusing on a single player. A co-op mode detached from the story would have been a great addition, but I understand the choices of the house.

    70 euros for 7 hours of play is a lot, true, but if the game appeals to you, it is right that you buy it, as it will not disappoint you. In case you are not interested, I advise you to take it at a reduced price, used or discounted, as it is an experience that must absolutely be lived if you own a PlayStation 4.

    The Order: 1886 - Review

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