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Impossible not to like The Behemoth. The development team born from the idea of ​​Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp has quickly climbed all the ratings and the credit certainly goes to the absolute quality of their productions. Battleblock Theater for example, but also Alien Homind and above all Castle Crashers, are three very entertaining titles and, more particularly, they belong to very different genres. When The Behemoth then announced that it was working on a new game, curiosity grew so much that we did not miss the opportunity to try Pit People when it was still in the Early Access phase. After more than a year of patches, changes and improvements, the title has finally made its debut on Steam in its full version and we have come back to it to be able to give a definitive judgment. Ready to ride this bizarre new story?

Space bears and pety mushrooms

Two things distinguish the titles of The Behemoth: the artistic style and the madness of the narrative. If we will talk about the first later, it is good to start immediately making it clear that yes, even Pit People becomes a standard bearer of hilarity and surreal scenes, things that a healthy mind would hardly be able to give birth. A giant space bear, in a parallel universe, crashes on the planet where blueberry farmer Horatio lives with his son. The impact completely changes the game world, giving life to a shower of deadly green blood and activating what for many has the impression of being the apocalypse. In all this turmoil Horatio's son is kidnapped, the king of the kingdom dies, and a Cyclops named Joseph joins the epic hoping to find his second eye. Madness, in fact, but it is the kind of story that cannot but keep always glued and eager to know what could happen even more strange. Trust us if we tell you that throughout the course of the adventure the situations you will experience will be borderline and no mission, not even the most trivial, will be told in a superficial way. There is always a comic twist, an absurd solution for a simple task, more than valid reasons to continue to take all those secondary quests that dot the production and will accompany us towards the end credits. It is therefore extremely difficult to say how long Pit Peolpe is. You could finish it in a handful of hours if you rush to complete the main Horatio storyline without exploring anything in the game world, but you can also spend tens of hours on the title exploring, building your perfect team, completing quests and collecting and collecting everyone. objects in possession of your opponents. Pit People shows two interesting faces: on the one hand we will have a game world covered by the fog of war to be explored, made up of imaginative and surreal scenarios, composed of rivers of orange juice and hills made of microchips where pizza squires and magic mushrooms regularly coexist . It is a colorful and completely hand-drawn scenery, full of things to discover and hidden areas to visit, all while racing aboard your magic chariot. The movement on the map is completely free of constraints and not limited by turns or time, you can turn at will, stopping to face enemies or stunning them with rockets to continue without being disturbed: in short, absolute freedom.

One more match

If so far the title may not have convinced you completely, wait until you know what The Behemoth has reserved for you for the heart of the game, that turn-based combat that so much harks back to small pearls of the genre, unfortunately without ever reaching those heights of depth. . Pit People, in addition to the cartoon and zany frame, is in fact a well-thought-out strategy where your party of six characters will have to face enemies on hexagonal game grids in deadly combat. Each unit therefore has its own movement and statistic values ​​which, depending on the equipment chosen, vary the attack power, damage from a distance or resistance to hits. It is all very simple to understand and elementary to play, with the only sudden variable introduced by a sort of free will of our characters who, in case of more targets available, will choose independently which one to attack. The impression that the title conveys in this way is that of having live heroes in your hands and not just small puppets to manage on the screen, an excellent feeling but not very practical if we analyze the pure strategic side. Then there are the classic encirclement rules, the damage to the shoulders or the hips and other details that have now become canonical for the titles of this genre, leaving that aftertaste of good in the mouth but with something that cannot completely convince. To give greater depth to the tactical choices we must think about the composition of the party, this one really full of hidden strategies. Every enemy you face on the battlefield can in fact be captured, becoming an integral part of your army. You can thus enlist poisonous mushrooms, explosive fairies, dark monsters and so on and so forth, each with specific characteristics and unique attacks, to be modified in turn through an infinite plethora of equipment. The trick, in order not to get bored, is therefore to try to modify your group as much as possible, to adapt to the battles and to try to vary your strategies frequently. On balance, however, we inevitably end up becoming fond of certain characters, basically playing the entire adventure always with the usual party, unfortunately flattening and nullifying the great variety offered. To spice up a bit then, the definitive solution is to activate the insane mode, where the deaths will be permanent, requiring even more planning and above all forcing you to change the structure of the team after each fight, collecting and capturing. as many enemies as possible to never run out of characters.

Mom what a style!

All this obviously while your warriors take on the strangest shapes, with absurd headdresses in pure The Behemoth style. The quality is what we have become accustomed to and the features, as well as the cut scenes and animations, are always of the highest level, all crowned by a localization in Spanish that can only please and a truly sublime narrator. The game, available on PC and Xbox One, is extremely light and even on our configuration it showed no signs of slowing down. It is perfect to be played in hit and run sessions but also long afternoons in the company of Horatio are not to be disdained, capable as they are of always arousing with that desire to play a new game before stopping completely. To expand the already good longevity then we think the multiplayer, which is certainly worth a few extra points for the production. In fact, you can face the adventure in two players locally, challenge each other in the PvP arenas to try new tactics and strategies or throw yourself into the challenges against artificial intelligence in the company of another player, all elements of absolute value given the current videogame overview. , intent as he is on pushing the experiences for solo players more and more.


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The Behemoth still hits the mark with a fun and highly over the top product. It is probably not suitable for those who, in the strategic ones, are looking for a high depth but if you can settle for some decisions clearly oriented towards the more casual audience you can still find a title that will be able to keep you busy for several hours, if only for the sake of discovering the found next or to see the plot twist that you do not expect. Added value is certainly the co-op mode, now a rare pearl in productions of this type.


  • Great fun co-op
  • Crazy story and characters
  • Simple to learn and with good mechanics
  • The depth of the more classic strategists is missing
  • The risk of limiting yourself to always using the same characters is strong

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