The Touchgrind BMX 2 review

Almost seven years have passed since the release of the original Touchgrind BMX, but the formula developed by Illusion Labs still looks great in this sequel. The concept, born with the parallel series Touchgrind, in which, however, we produced stunts aboard a skateboard, sees the player use two fingers on the screen to control the ends of a BMX inside paths full of ramps from which to stand out. spectacular jumps.

The Touchgrind BMX 2 review

Once in the air, you can move your fingers through the most varied combinations to perform a large number of tricks: turns of the handlebar or of the "tail" of the bike, full rotations forwards, backwards or to the side; but also and above all multiple maneuvers, to be performed while the BMX is reversed in one direction or the other, or carried out in rapid succession. Succeeding in these feats is clearly not easy and the difficulty increases according to the complexity of the acrobatics, with many factors entering the field: the speed of arrival on the ramp and therefore the actual "flight" time, the readiness of the input and its speed, as well as the ability to stop the movement in time so that the bike can land correctly, thus avoiding frustrating the effort with a ruinous fall. The formula still works very well, we said, and builds around a series of challenges what is the progression of Touchgrind BMX 2. Each scenario boasts its own set of stunts which, once performed, give us experience points useful to level up. and unlock the crates inside which we can find purely aesthetic upgrades, with which we can have fun customizing our two wheels.

The leap of the quail

The developers of Touchgrind BMX 2 have done a great job of enriching the experience since the first episode, increasing not only the acrobatic maneuvers at our disposal but also the scenarios, which go from the original six to nine locations in total.

The Touchgrind BMX 2 review

An asynchronous competitive multiplayer has also been added to the structure, in which one takes turns engaging with the tracks in search of the high score, as well as the replay sharing function on Facebook. However, there is a small problem: if the original chapter could be purchased for 3,99 euros by obtaining the complete package, this sequel adopts a freemium model that in fact allows you to unlock only the first three paths (the medieval Highland Ruins, the vertiginous The Ridge and Devil's Leap, with its urban views), while all the others must be purchased separately. And how much do they cost? From 2,29 to 3,49 euros each, although there is the possibility of buying them all in a single solution at the discounted price of 8,99 euros: figures substantially above the average for productions on the App Store and Google Play. From a technical point of view, the game boasts polygonal models of discreet workmanship and a certain variety in the characterization of the scenarios, as was to be expected, but also some madness of the camera when colliding with an obstacle or falling at the end of a jump. The replays themselves are pleasant to watch, although they only boast two possible views and the lack of a "virtual athlete" riding the bike, which would certainly have made the recorded sequences more spectacular. Little to say instead about the audio sector, reduced to a minimum.


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Touchgrind BMX 2 re-proposes the formula developed by Illusion Labs, based entirely on multitouch, which allows you to control a bike by holding two fingers on the screen and moving them in various ways to perform a large number of spectacular aerial stunts. The progression system, based on the execution of certain tricks and on increasing the level of experience, works very well and faces exciting, not trivial challenges, which it is a pleasure to be able to complete after several attempts. The problem lies in the excessive cost of the scenarios outside the basic trio, which must be purchased individually or in a single solution, at the discounted price of 8,99 euros.


  • The formula still works great
  • Engaging and challenging
  • Richer than the first episode ...
  • ... but the extra scenarios cost too much
  • It can be frustrating
  • Essential sound
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